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You can go directly to the different parts of the website by using the navigation buttons on the top right hand corner of this page. The website addresses (URLs) are as follows: An overview of the CEPT organisation The Electronic Communications Committee The European Communications Office The Committee for ITU Policy The European Committee for Postal Regulations


We recommend that you now create a profile on the site.  This allows you to filter information and interact more easily with the website's functions, including registering for meetings.

If you want to receive notifications about specific groups, you can, once you have a profile, select a group to 'watch'.  If you just want a personalised shortcut to a group you view regularly, you can designate it as a 'favourite'.

If you need access to the minority of CEPT documents which are not publicly available, you should apply for membership of the groups of which you are already a member, or in which you are interested in becoming a member.

Predecessor sites

Untill the middle of 2011, the functions of this site were undertaken by three separate sites:

  • which covered the ECC, the ECO and documents of the Com-ITU;
  • which covered the top-level organisational issues of CEPT
  • which covered the CERP.

These sites are now out of use.


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