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CEPT and RCC sign collaboration agreement

22 Oct 2014, 11:12

Collaboration agreement with the RCC signed on 21st October at the 19th Plenipotentiary Conference of the ITU in Busan, Republic of Korea, laying the foundations for wider cooperation in the field of telecommunications and ICT.
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Europe adopts its proposals to ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014

23 Sep 2014, 10:37

Member States of CEPT’s Committee for ITU Policy (Com-ITU) adopted the European Common Proposals (ECPs) for the International Telecommunications Union Plenipotentiary Conference (ITU PP-14) at the meeting in Berlin on 15-18 September 2014.

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Com-ITU meeting in Berlin, 15-18 September

10 Sep 2014, 16:21

The Registration for the meeting has been closed

New requests from Com-ITU members or observers need to be addressed directly to the host Mr Wegner - rainer.wegner @

The host will then provide a confirmation immediately

Development of ECPs for PP-14 continues within Com-ITU

04 Jun 2014, 16:10

The last meeting of Com-ITU took place in Amsterdam at the kind invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on 26-28 May 2014. The development of ECPs for PP-14 dominated the agenda.

Outcomes of WTDC-14

27 May 2014, 11:04

The 6th World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 30 March to 10 April 2014. The theme for WTDC-14 was “Broadband for Sustainable Development”.

Outcomes of WTDC-14 6th World Telecommunication Development Conference
Outcomes of WTDC-14 6th World Telecommunication Development Conference
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