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Table of presentations made by ECC

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Eric Fournier
(ECC Chairman)
Spectrum solutions
for IoT connectivity

The 7th Annual Internet of Things European Summit

Brussels, Belgium
18-19 May 2016
Thomas Weilacher
(WG FM Chairman)
European regulation on 24GHz automotive radars
Consultation with Gulf States and car industry Geneva, Switzerland,
5 November 2015
Eric Fournier (ECC Chairman)  Spectrum Challenges for 5G 5G Huddle 2015 Copenhagen,
13-14 October 2015
Jaime Afonso (ECC Vice-Chairman)
TDD Development in Europe and Future Planning of 3.5GHz Spectrum Fifth TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop  Budapest,
12 October 2015
Alexander Kühn (CPG-15 Chairman)
CEPT positions for WRC-15
24th BEREC plenary meeting
Riga, Latvia,
1-2 October 2015
Per Christensen
(ECO Director)
CEPT preparations status  for WRC-15 The second Annual Middle East & North Africa Spectrum Management Conference
Rabat, Morocco,
28 August 2015
Eric Fournier
(ECC Chairman)

Status of 700 MHz band 10th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference Brussels,
15 June 2015
Eric Fournier
(ECC Chairman)

Regulatory aspect of 5G mmW IEEE ICC 2015 (5G mmW Panel) London,
10 June 2015
Eric Fournier (ECC Chairman)  Future of mobile: 4G and Beyond 10th International Electronic Communications Regulators Conference

8 May 2015
Bruno Espinosa
Coexistence challenges in the UHF band  EC Workshop
12 December 2014
Eric Fournier (ECC Chairman) Addressing the 5G requirement from the CEPT perspective

EU Workshop on Spectrum Planning for 5G

13 November 2014

Jaime Afonso
(ECC TG6 Chairman)
How will the UHF band be used in the next decade?


FORECAST 2014, Shaping future broadcasting

EBU, Geneva
5-6 November 2014

Jaime Afonso
(ECC TG6 Chairman)
Long term vision for the UHF Broadcasting Band
9th Annual Spectrum Management European Conference
17-18 June 2014
Thomas Weilacher
(WG FM Chairman)
European Spectrum Management Conference
9th Annual Spectrum Management European Conference Brussels
17-18 June 2014
Alexander Kühn
(CPG15 Chairman)
WRC-15 and beyond - Strategic views
9th Annual Spectrum Management European Conference 
17-18 June 2014
Bruno Espinosa (ECO)
Risk assessment and interference management
1st Workshop on Risk Assessment in the field of effective use of spectrum and electromagnetic compatibility Luxembourg, 17/10/2013
Eric Fournier (Chair ECC) ECC and the evolving spectrum policy

Conference on spectrum management: perspectives, challenges and strategies

Lisbon, Portugal 20/09/2013

Mark Thomas (ECO Director)

Understanding demands, looking for balance   International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2013) Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Thomas Weilacher
(Vice-Chairman of WGFM)
GSM-R Asset & Evolution Management  ERIG Paris UIC HQ
Thomas Weber How EFIS supports the spectrum inventory 8th  Annual European Spectrum Management Conference, 25-26 June 2013
Brussels, Belgium
25-26 June 2013
Eric Fournier
(Chair CPG)
WRC-12 Preparation Perspectives for the development of the Electronic Communications Market in the European Union Warsaw, Poland
Thomas Ewers (Chair ECC) Spectrum Harmonisation in Europe: Two case studies Policy Tracker Latin America Spectrum Conference Mexico City, 07/09/2011

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