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Next meeting

08 Oct 2014, 15:40

The sixth meeting of CPG15 will take place on Malta from 03-06 February 2015.

Latest news from 5th CPG-15 meeting

07 Oct 2014, 17:44

The fifth meeting of CPG-15 took place on 25-28 September 2014 in Marseille and discussed the following...

Latest news from the 4th CPG-15 meeting

18 May 2014, 17:50

The forth meeting of CPG-15 took place on 25-28 March 2014 in Riga and discussed the following...

CEPT presentations to regional organisations

05 May 2014, 16:15

CEPT presentations were made at the following regional organisations meetings:

CPG-15 news on coordination meetings

03 Feb 2014, 16:11

CEPT initiated coordination process with other regional organisations on preparations for WRC-15 ...

CPG15-3 in Zagreb 2013
CPG15-3 in Zagreb 2013
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