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Results of the fifth meeting of CPG-PTC

22 Apr 2014, 19:00

The fifth meeting of CPG PTC was held from 8th till 11th April 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Here are the main results of the meeting.

Results of fourth PTC meeting

11 Feb 2014, 16:37

The fourth PTC meeting was held from 28th until 31 January 2014 in Mainz, Germany and discussed the following...

Results from the third meeting of CPG-PTC

14 Oct 2013, 10:32

The third meeting of CPG PTC was held from 8th until 11th October 2013 in Bucharest, Romania. Please read the main results from the meeting

Latest news from the second PTC meeting

25 Apr 2013, 11:35

The second PTC meeting was devoted to further develop the CEPT briefs on the 6 WRC-15 agenda items under PTC responsibility. The first draft ECP was generated. The draft briefs and draft ECP agreed by PTC will be considered at the CPG15-3 meeting.

Latest news from the first PTC meeting

14 Dec 2012, 15:21

CPG-15 PTC had its first meeting at the ECO, Copenhagen on the 11-13 December 2012. The main results are available here.

PTC meeting in Bucharest overview
PTC meeting in Bucharest overview
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