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Results of the 80h WGFM Meeting in Trondheim, Norway, 26-30 May 2014

13 Jun 2014, 11:30

Please find here an overview of the decisions made by WG FM #80.

WGFM Correspondence Group 2 GHz Unpaired Bands

28 May 2014, 13:00

Activities continue. Read here how to subscribe or unsubscribe to the CG work as well as the update concerning the WGFM#80 (26-30 May 2014) and ECC#37 (24-27 June 2014) results.

WG FM Correspondence Group working on the Response to the Mandate on 1452-1492 MHz

08 Apr 2014, 13:28

See here the contact information and how to subscribe to the reflector.

ECC appoints a new WGFM Chairman

12 Mar 2014, 08:52

Thomas Weilacher (from the Federal Network Agency, Germany) has been appointed by ECC as new Chairman of the WGFM. Please go to WGFM Contacts to see the new WGFM contact persons including the new chairman, technical secretary and secretary. Sergey Pastukh (NIIR, Russian Federation) had reached the end of his second term as WGFM Chairman.

Results of the 79th WGFM Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, 3-7 February 2014

03 Feb 2014, 10:23

See here the results of the WGFM#79 meeting

WGFM#80, Trondheim New WGFM Chairman - Mr Thomas Weilacher
WGFM#80, Trondheim New WGFM Chairman - Mr Thomas Weilacher
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