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FM 48 - Spectrum Aspects Broadband DA2GC Systems

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FM 48 - Spectrum Aspects Broadband DA2GC Systems

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Results FM48#22 - 6-7 MAY 2015 - Bonn, Germany

06 May 2015, 09:46

The 22nd meeting of FM PT48 took place in Bonn at the offices of the Bundesnetzagentur. The meeting was attended by 14 participants from 6 CEPT administrations, Airbus, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa Systems, Jorol Consulting, Fluidmesh, and the ECO. See the results here.

Results FM48#21 (26-27 January 2015, -Brussels, Belgium)

27 Jan 2015, 14:01

See the results here.

ECC Report 214

14 Feb 2014, 16:35

WG FM adopted ECC Report 214 for publication during the meeting in Trondheim on 26-30 May 2014. You can download the ECC Report here.

Broadband DA2GC System
Broadband DA2GC System
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