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FM 48 - Spectrum Aspects Broadband DA2GC Systems

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FM 48 - Spectrum Aspects Broadband DA2GC Systems

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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference FM PT48 (amended May 2014)

The Project Team shall:

1.   Work on spectrum issues concerning Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC), intended to provide high performance broadband connectivity between aircraft and a terrestrial radio access network to be deployed in Europe.  In particular by considering System Reference Documents on Broadband DA2GC provided by ETSI.

2.   Identify possible candidate bands for harmonised spectrum for Broadband DA2GC as described under No. 1, by also taking into account cross-border coordination issues and European harmonisation.

3.   Develop or review ECC Decisions, Recommendations, Reports and other deliverables on the issues mentioned under No. 1, as requested by WG FM. This may also require the preparation of an impact assessment (IA) depending on prior approval by the ECC plenary.

4.   If necessary, coordinate CEPT positions in preparation for ITU-R Working Parties or Task Groups outside the scope of WRC preparations.

5.   Liaise, as appropriate, with the ECC WGs and PTs (e.g. relevant SE PTs), ETSI and other relevant organisations as authorised by WG FM, with the principal aim to collect information and to broaden the support for the work of the project team.

6.   The project team should use electronic working methods (EWMs) as far as possible.

7.   Report on progress at the WG FM meetings.

Participation in this PT shall be open to:

  • Representatives of CEPT administrations;
  • Representatives from industry, who are full members of ETSI;
  • Official representatives of organisations which have a MoU or LoU with the ECC.

Others may be invited by the chairman to attend meetings of the Project Team when appropriate.

WG FM is expecting the work for all relevant frequency bands to be finalised by June 2015.

Updated: 11 September 2014, 08:24