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17th meeting of FM 51

19 May 2015, 13:56

The next FM51 meeting is planned on 17-18 June 2015 at ECO, Copenhagen, Denmark. General information is available on the FM51 meeting documents area. Register here.

Results from the 16th meeting of PT FM51

19 May 2015, 13:51

FM51 had its sixteenth meeting hosted by ANFR in Brest, 25-26 March 2015. The main activities are summarised here.

Results from the fifteenth meeting of FM 51

07 Jan 2015, 17:57

The fifteenth meeting of PT FM51 has been held on 2 December 2014 at the ECO, Copenhagen. Here are the main results of the meeting.

Results from the fourteenth meeting of FM51

22 Oct 2014, 17:31

FM51 had its fourteenth meeting hosted by Ofcom UK in Cardiff, 25-26 September 2014. Please read here for the main results.

Thirteenth meeting of FM51

10 Jul 2014, 14:34

The thirteenth meeting of PT FM51 has been held at the ECO, Copenhagen, 02-03 July 2014. Please read here for the main results.

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