Terms of Reference

The Project Team shall:

  1. Review the spectrum requirements for PMSE*;
  2. Collate, summarise and analyse the regulatory procedures used by administrations in granting access to spectrum for PMSE and incorporate the results into the ECC deliverables;
  3. Review ECC deliverables within the scope of FM PT [PMSE] and/or develop any new deliverables after WG FM request;
  4. Report on progress at the WG FM meetings;
  5. Take account of any relevant issues in the light of the WRC12 results, EC mandates, ETSI deliverables, assigned by WG FM, and other relevant technology developments;
  6. Liaise directly with other project teams within WG SE and  with ETSI TG17 WP3, and other groups as authorised by WG FM;
  7. Not consider the band 1452-1492 MHz for the applications under its mandate, pending the result of PT 50.
  8. Make full use of the electronic working methods available to CEPT Project Teams.
  9. If necessary, coordinate CEPT positions in preparation for ITU-R groups outside the scope of WRC preparations.


*   PMSE includes SAP/SAB and ENG/OB as defined in ECC Report 002 


Date: October 2011

Updated: 24 November 2017, 11:34