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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Dec 2014, 10:44

You find here an update of the FAQs (1 December 2014)

WGFM#81 (6-10 October 2014) Decisions on Radio Amateur Deliverables

20 Oct 2014, 08:02

WGFM#81 approved the amendment of T/R 61-02 as well as the new ECC Recommendation (14)05 for publication. Read more here.

RAFG progress report is submitted to WGFM#80

22 May 2014, 11:31

Note some outcomes of the RAFG work

RAFG progress report-2013 is submitted to WGFM#79

31 Jan 2014, 14:01

RAFG progress report for the year 2013 is now available

The old RA2 Forum is now on the ECC website

29 Jan 2013, 18:54

Old topics from have been now moved to the RA2 webpage (see "Closed groups")

CEPT facilitates amateur radio communications
CEPT facilitates amateur radio communications