Terms of Reference

  1. The Maintenance Group shall collect remarks, requests and compatibility studies with relation to the Recommendation ERC/REC 70-03 on Short Range Devices.  
  2. The Maintenance Group shall regularly review and revise as necessary the technical annex of the EC Framework Decision for SRDs.
  3. The Maintenance Group shall conduct necessary studies towards implementing the SRD strategy laid down in the CEPT Report in response to EC Mandate on SRDs.  
  4. The Maintenance Group shall consider documentation received, comment on it and forward proposals to the WG FM. The Maintenance Group might, if necessary, propose to the WG FM to establish Project Teams in order to solve specific problems in relation to the Recommendation.
  5. The Maintenance Group shall endeavour to inform and invite comments from appropriate sectors of European SRD industry on issues of interest to those sectors.
  6. Participation in the Maintenance Group shall be open to :  

Representatives of CEPT Administrations

Representatives from industry, who are full members of ETSI

Nominated representatives of organisations which have a MoU or LoU with the ECC

The ECO representative  

Subject to the agreement of administrations others may be invited to attend meetings of the group where relevant.  

Updated: 18 July 2017, 15:22