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PT NP - Number Portability

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PT NP - Number Portability

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12th meeting of PT NP concludes at the ECO in Copenhagen

13 Mar 2015, 18:00

PT NP met at the European Communications Office in Copenhagen on 12-13 March 2015. The main focus of the meeting was to continue to develop Draft ECC Report on 3rd Party Use of Number Portability Data.

Summary of 11th meeting of PT NP Lisbon, Portugal 4-5 December 2014

08 Dec 2014, 12:15

PT NP had its 11th meeting at the kind invitation of ANACOM in Lisbon last week.

New chairman and vice-chairman for Project Team Number Portability (PT NP)

10 Apr 2014, 23:33

At the 8th meeting of WG NaN in Lisbon, Portugal (9-10 April 2014) Mr. João Feijó Silva (ANACOM, Portugal) and Mr. Benjamin Overvad (DBA, Denmark) were appointed as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively of PT NP.

WG NaN publishes findings of its survey on Number Portability Implementation in Europe

19 Mar 2014, 08:47

The CEPT / ECC Working Group Numbering and Networks has today published a document entitled "Number Portability implementation in Europe" which is based on a survey of CEPT member countries.

Newly appointed "Interim Co-Chairmen" for Project Team Number Portability

13 Feb 2014, 14:36

At the 9th meeting of PT NP in Luxembourg (12-13 February 2014) Mr. Benjamin Overvad (Danish Business Authority, Denmark) and Mr. João Silva (ANACOM, Portugal) were appointed as "Interim Co-Chairmen" of Project Team Number Portability.

The next meeting of PT NP will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 10-11 June 2015
The next meeting of PT NP will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 10-11 June 2015
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