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SE 7 - Compatibility and sharing issues of mobile systems

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SE 7 - Compatibility and sharing issues of mobile systems

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Date and time:
8/27/2012, 09:30
8/28/2012, 15:00
Helsinki, Finland
Registration deadline:
8/22/2012, 18:30
Meeting organizer:

Kristiina Päivike-Blomqvist
P.O. Box 313,
Telephone:+358 9 6966 422
Telefax:+358 9 6966 410
E-Mail: LOADEMAIL[kristiina.paivike-blomqvist]DOMAIN[]NAME[]


# Name Adm. Org. Country
1 Heykel Houas No ANFR France
2 Karl Koch Yes BNetzA Germany
3 Vincent Durepaire No Bouygues Telecom France
4 Stefan Hiensch Yes Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Posts and Railway (BNetzA) Germany
5 Petteri Jokela Yes Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority Finland
6 Rimgaudas Baležentis Yes Communications Regulatory Authority Lithuania
7 Erwan Le Fur Yes France Telecom Orange France
8 Heidar Kargar Yes Post and telecom agency of Sweden Sweden
9 Matthias Fehr No APWPT e. V. Germany
10 Stella Lyubchenko No ECO Denmark
11 eric Wawrzynkowski No OnAir Switzerland
12 Henry (Harry) Smith No Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF) United Kingdom
13 Finn Pedersen No Ericsson AB Sweden
14 Juhani Meronen Yes Ficora Finland
15 Joni Kallio Yes FICORA Finland
16 Guillaume Lebrun No Qualcomm Germany