T-DAB Plans

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The information contained in this page are related to the two CEPT multilateral agreements:


On behalf of ECC the ECO maintains the master copies of the T-DAB Plan associated with both Wi95revMa02 and Ma02 Special Arrangements. The details of the frequency plans are available for download.


The CEPT administrations have revised both of the above mentioned Special Arrangements in July 2007. The revised Special Arrangments have come into force on 01 September 2007. Further information on these revisions can be found here.

Additional information

WG FM is leading the T-DAB and broacasting activities within ECC. ECO is providing on a regular basis report of the maintenance of the Plans at WG FM meetings.

  • Designated contacts in CEPT administrations with respect to T-DAB



  • Documents for download

Document EBU BPN003 Rev.3 "Technical Bases for T-DAB Services Network Planning and Compatibility with existing Broadcasting Services" (Third issue, February 2003)




ECO contact for T-DAB related enquiries: José Carrascosa (ECO) 
E-mail: jose.carrascosa@eco.cept.org or phone: +45 33 89 63 13

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