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Numbering Related Cooperation

As communications networks are global crossing the country boundaries also cooperation within numbering, naming and addressing (NNA) schemes needs to be international. The ECC and the ECO are part of this international cooperation. This page has a collection of useful NNA related links.



  • ITU homepage
  • ITU-T SG2 - Operational aspects of service provision and telecommunications management, the lead Study Group on Service definition, Numbering and Routing
  • International Numbering Resources 
  • Repository of national numbering plan information, including details of changes to national numbering plans, the structure of national numbering plans, and national contact points on numbering plan matters
  • Universal numbers: universal international freephone numbers, international shared cost number and universal international premium rate numbers
  • ITU-T E-series recommendations (Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors)
  • ITU-T MCC and MNC database (requires ITU TIES account)

Other international NNA related organisations

Updated: 19 July 2013, 12:25