Latest update from the CEPT Presidency - hybrid meetings

16 Feb 2022, 09:11

Dear Colleagues,

Following on from the latest CEPT Communication from January 14th, the CEPT Presidency recently met to review the situation regarding future CEPT meetings. The CEPT had previously agreed that all meetings up until 14 February 2022 would be held virtually only.

Although COVID rates remain high across Europe, the situation does seem to be improving in a number of countries and restrictions and rules have been relaxed in a number of countries.  As a result, the CEPT Presidency have agreed that CEPT committees may now return to using a hybrid meeting format as appropriate, taking into account any relevant national health and travel requirements.

The ECO premises in Copenhagen is open again and meeting facilities can be booked subject to availability.

Should CEPT groups wish to plan for a hybrid meeting in the ECO facilities, please contact the relevant ECO expert. Moreover, any administrations interested in hosting upcoming meetings, in a hybrid format, are invited to contact the chairs of the relevant groups.

It is worth emphasising that any upcoming meetings will, given current circumstances, need to be either hybrid or fully virtual – at this stage physical meetings without the ability to participate virtually are not envisaged.

The CEPT Presidency and the ECO will continue to monitor the situation on a day-to-day basis and take further appropriate steps as required.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance.

The CEPT Presidency and the ECO