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The Project Team on the Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 (PP-14) is task to:

    •    To hold meetings during a preparatory cycle of PP-14.
    •    To identify and study issues associated with the agenda of the PP-14, taking into account, where
          appropriate, the developments on the decisions of the previous PPs and relevant decisions of the ITU

Address all issues of PP-14, in particular related to:

  1. Stable Constitution of the ITU;
  2. Internet-related issues, ICT definition, preparations of ITU for the review of the progress achieved in   relation to the WSIS goals in 2015 (WSIS+10);
  3. administrative and financial issues, Independent management advisory committee (Res. 162, Guadalajara 2010), access to the ITU documents, Strategic Plan and Financial Plan of the Union for 2016-2019 (work of the Council Working Group for the Elaboration of both plans);

Prepare in relation to these items as may be required:

    a)    draft European Common Proposals;
    b)    draft CEPT brief, including information on the proposals to the conference from other administrations;  
    c)    CEPT positions, for the presentation to other administrations or regional bodies;

Coordinate CEPT positions for the relevant ITU meetings.

Provide information on elections and candidates.

Consult with the relevant bodies and organisations and report to the Com-ITU.
Updated: 12 March 2018, 08:18