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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference PT ITU-T (revised January 2017)


The Project Team on Strategic ITU-T Issues (PT ITU-T) is tasked:

  • to identify the issues that in Europe’s view are of central importance for ITU-T and that ITU-T groups should address;
  • to identify issues addressed by ITU-T and its groups that are of pertinence from Europe’s perspective;
  • to prepare and coordinate CEPT positions and contributions[1] to ITU-T and its groups;
  • to organise the co-ordination of CEPT actions for the preparation for and during the course of the World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly 2020 (WTSA-20);
  • to develop draft European Common Proposals (ECPs) and draft CEPT Briefs, including relevant information from outside CEPT, for WTSA-20;
  • to consult with relevant stakeholders with the principal aim to collect information and to broaden the support of CEPT ECPs and CEPT positions;
  • to report to the Com-ITU Plenary on the progress of its work and seek approval for ECPs and Briefs for WTSA-20.

The Project Team should work by electronic means. It may meet physically, preferably during or back-to-back with relevant ITU-T meetings or CEPT Com-ITU meetings.    

The general participation rules of CEPT Com-ITU shall apply. Observers may be represented by several participants.



[1] CEPT contributions to ITU-T (i.e. contributions stating in a footnote that they were “developed and agreed within the framework of CEPT Com-ITU PT ITU-T”) have to comply with the provisions of the Com-ITU Working Methods.



Updated: 12 March 2018, 08:18