Terms of Reference

The Project Team for the preparation for the Plenipotentiary Conference 2018 on Financial, Management and Organisational issues (PT PP18-FIMO) is tasked to:

  • identify and study priorities and issues associated with the agenda of the PP-18 on the topics identified in Annex 1, taking into account, where appropriate, any developments on the decisions of the previous PPs (see Annex 2) and relevant decisions of ITU Council;
  • hold meetings during the preparatory cycle for PP-18;


PT PP18-FIMO shall, in relation to the above items, carry out the following tasks:

  • draft European Common Proposals (ECPs);
  • draft a CEPT brief, including information on the proposals to the conference from other administrations;
  • prepare CEPT positions, for presentation to other administrations or regional bodies as appropriate;
  • coordinate with the Com-ITU Project Team PP18-Policy, when appropriate, on topics of mutual interest;
  • consult with relevant stakeholders with the principal aim of collecting information and broadening the support base for CEPT ECPs and CEPT positions; and
  • report to the Com-ITU Plenary on the progress of its work and seek approval for ECPs and Briefs for PP-18.

PT PP18-FIMO Working Methods

  • Rules of Procedures and Working Methods of Com-ITU shall apply;
  • The Project Team should work by electronic means. It may meet physically but preferably during, or back-to-back with, relevant ITU meetings or CEPT Com-ITU meetings;   
  • Observers may participate in meeting of the Project Team in accordance with the Com-ITU Rules for Participation of Observers.
Updated: 12 March 2018, 08:18