ECC Twitter Policy

ECC Policy for Use of Twitter

The Electronic Communications Committee's (ECC) Twitter account is managed by the European Communications Office (ECO).

We do not use any automation (such as generating tweets from RSS feeds) on Twitter to post content. 

If you follow @CEPT_ECC, you can expect tweets covering the following:

  • Alerts about new content on the ECC's website
  • News releases
  • Upcoming consultations
  • Working Group and Project Team meetings; outcomes.
  • Updates from the ECC Chairman and ECO Director and our experts


If you follow @CEPT_ECC we will not automatically follow you back. This is to discourage the use of direct messaging, avoid spam handling and so that you can easily identify other key Twitter users that we think are relevant to our member countries and industry associates whom we follow. However, being followed by the ECC does not imply endorsement of any kind.


We will update and monitor the ECC's Twitter account during certain daytime periods of most weekdays.

Twitter may occasionally be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for lack of service due to Twitter downtime.

@Replies and Direct Messages

We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers, and endeavour to join the conversation where possible. However, we are not able to reply individually to all the messages we receive via Twitter.

The ECO team reads all @replies and Direct Messages and ensures that any emerging themes or helpful suggestions are passed to the relevant people at the ECC.

If you want to contact the ECC by other means, contact details are available from our website at: www.cept.org/ecc.


Requests from followers to retweet their messages will not generally be carried out. In some circumstances, the ECC may agree to retweet a message if requested by one of its member countries. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The ECC may also retweet a message, without being requested to do so, when it is considered to be of benefit to its followers.

Retweets of any kind do not imply endorsement.

Updated: 21 September 2022, 10:05