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Cédric PERROS 19/10/16 17:12

Description :  Elements for the evaluation of particular cases between neighbouring countries

Proposal : It is proposed to add  geographical views of the different entries with

  • Channel maps
  • Coordinated/under coordination maps




  • ECO to evaluate and estimate the cost
  • Both proposals will be submitted to the 700 MHz Repository forum for comments
  • Decision at the end of November




José Carrascosa 11/11/16 17:16

The specifications for the modifications to the repository have been sent and estimated. 

Modifications to the repository (including this item) will start on week 46 and are expected to be finalised before the end of November 2016.

Nevertheless, among the two options (download of google earth files and onine display of channel maps) only one is expected to be implemented in 2016, that is the conversion of data in the repository into a google Earth document ".kml". 

For the second option for online representation, investigations on how to automatically and dynamically parse data from the repository into an online representation of channel maps will start also in November, but their implementation will depend on budget availability. After these investigations, the ECO will inform the FG on the timeframe when this second option of displaying online channel maps can be made available.