CPG19-1 meeting appointed CPG vice-chairmen and PTs chairmen...

13 Apr 2016, 14:15CPG, under the chairmanship of Mr Alexander Kûhn (Germany), had its first meeting for the preparation of WRC-19. The following decisions were made regarding the organisation of the work:

  • CPG appointed Mr. Alexandre Vallet (France) and Mr. Gerlof Osinga (the Netherlands) as CPG vice-chairmen.
  • CPG decided on its structure and created four CPG Project Teams under chairmanship of Mr. Gerlof Osinga (the Netherlands), Ms. Stanislava Tereshchenko (the Russian Federation),Mr Martin Weber (Germany) and Mr Alexandre Kholod (Switzerland). 
  • CPG also attributed a number of WRC-19 Agenda items to ECC PT1.

Additional information is available in the Minutes of the first meeting.