Terms of Reference

The Project Team shall be responsible for implementing the WAPECS concept as appropriate in the context of MFCN[1] and in frequency bands identified by ECC, including collaborating with WG FM on frequency management issues (e.g. cross-border coordination issues, sharing of bands with applications other than MFCN).

The Project Team shall:

  1. Consider the frequency arrangements for spectrum identified for MFCN and develop appropriate ECC Deliverables based on requests from ECC.

  2. Review the relevant ERC/ECC Decisions.

  3. Develop appropriate ECC Deliverables on border coordination.

  4. Consider the sharing and compatibility issues for MFCN:
    • develop appropriate ECC Recommendations and Reports;
    • update existing ERC/ECC Recommendations and Reports as appropriate;
    • investigate and develop relevant technical conditions implementing the WAPECS concept (e.g. least restrictive technical conditions) taking into account relevant ECC harmonised band plans.

  5. Co-ordinate contributions to relevant ITU groups.

  6. Develop appropriate deliverables on Mobile communication on-board aircraft and vessels collaborating with SE/SE7.

  7. Develop and review relevant deliverables on licensing/free circulation/use of terminal equipment in relation with relevant harmonisation measures developed or maintained by ECC PT1.

  8. Liaise with ETSI and other relevant bodies dealing with standardisation.

  9. On request from CPG contribute for the preparation of CEPT positions for WRCs and other relevant fora.

  10. Develop relevant studies on current and future MFCN market in relation with spectrum issues.

  11. Seek, where appropriate, contributions and assistance from and work collaboratively with relevant ECC subordinate bodies and the Office.

  12. Report to Plenary on the progress of its work.

[1] In recent ECC Decisions, spectrum has been designated to MFCN (mobile/fixed communications networks) which includes IMT and other communications networks in the mobile and fixed services" which would include fixed wireless access but not point-to-point links. 

Updated: 21 March 2018, 11:31