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Guidance for consultations

Guidance for ECC/CEPT/ECO/U.S./CAN spectrum management consultations

The ECC Steering Group, along with CEPT and ECO officials, meets with government officials from Canada and the United States to informally consult once or twice every year or so on spectrum management issues of mutual interest, with representation from other involved parties as may be needed, and as appropriate - - depending upon the agenda.

It is intended that these consultations take place for one or two days each time, alternately in Europe, Canada and in the U.S., on a time frame that depends on other events which collaterally occur, so as to minimize travel time and expenses. Holding these consultations on either side of the Atlantic Ocean gives added opportunity for additional, relevant personnel to attend.

The meetings focus on spectrum management issues that have arisen since the previous consultations. As a general matter, there are no detailed discussions on issues relating to ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC). WRC issues are not precluded, but it is recognized that they are more difficult for which to prepare and to ensure all relevant personnel are attending. (WRC issues on the agenda tend to require significantly greater participation.)

Benefits from the discussions include the opportunities to:

  1. explore options for harmonizing spectrum use;
  2. promote more universal and global marketplace access;
  3. provide greater understanding of changes occurring in the spectrum management environments;
  4. seek direct, timely clarification of spectrum management proceedings on either side; and
  5. provide comments on apposite pending activities of each side, comments that may be taken into account as matters move forward, toward decisions.

These consultations give an opportunity to focus on spectrum management issues and related regulatory and policy aspects that are active in Europe, Canada and in the USA at the same time. The discussions facilitate an early awareness of essential upcoming issues. A significant benefit is the opportunity to provide background or additional information on issues, background that is not included in available documentation. 

In addition to the consultations on spectrum management matters of mutual interest, an exchange of information on wireline issues may take place to the extent relevant personnel can be present and with specific topics identified in advance, with the objective to keep the partners informed on developments taking place either in the ECC, Canada or the USA.

Updated: 15 January 2021, 17:22