62nd ECC plenary meeting, 4 – 7 July 2023

10 Jul 2023, 12:08

The ECC had its 62nd plenary meeting from 4 – 7 July 2023. It gathered 117 registered participants representing 32 CEPT administrations, counsellors, observers and the ECO.

The ECC agreed on the publication of the draft CEPT Report 84 on UWB related to the 6-8.5 GHz band. Other ECC deliverables dealing with 5G, SRD and satellite issues were agreed. The draft CEPT Report 85 and draft CEPT Report 86, both related to the EC SRD mandate were approved for public consultation.

The ECC appointed Mr Martin Weber (D) for chairman of the CPG and paved the way for WRC-27 by initiating the nomination procedure for the chairman of CPG-27.

Further details can be found in the the 62nd ECC meeting minutes.

Here is a summary of the outcome from the meeting.

  1. Final approval of ECC deliverables for publication

The 62nd ECC plenary meeting approved for publication the following ECC deliverables:

  • CEPT Report 84 on UWB below 10.6 GHz
  • ECC Recommendation (23)02 on Cross-border coordination in the 26 GHz frequency band
  • ECC Decision (23)01 on the use of the band 40.5-43.5 GHz for the fixed-satellite service and broadcasting-satellite service 
  1. Approval of draft ECC deliverables for public consultation

The ECC adopted for public consultation the following ECC deliverables:

  • Draft revision of ECC Decision (22)03 on radiodetermination in 116 - 260 GHz
  • Draft CEPT Report 85 on the EC Decisions on SRD (Part A of the SRD 9th update)
  • Draft CEPT Report 86 on Radiodetermination applications in 116 - 260 GHz (Part B of the SRD 9th update)
  • Draft revision of ERC/REC 70-03 Annex 6 on radiodetermination
  • Draft revision of ECC Decision (07)03 on ‘Reserving the National Numbering Range beginning with ‘116’ for Harmonised Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value
  • Draft revision of ECC Decision (09)06 on ‘Reserving the National Short Message Service (SMS) Numbering Range beginning with ‘116’ for Harmonised SMS Numbers for Harmonised Services of Social Value 
  1. Other issues
  • EC Mandate on shared use of the 3.8-4.2 GHz band for terrestrial local-area wireless broadband systems: the parameters to be used in the technical sharing studies for the WBB LMP and other involved services have been agreed and ECC PT1 is expected to deliver the preliminary results of the studies in September 2023.
  • Radio Altimeters in the 4.2-4.4 GHz: work is ongoing; the ECC concluded that if there is a need to prioritise the radio altimeters work, then ECC PT1 should prioritise the studies on 3800-4200 MHz in support of the EC mandate.
  • 5G and beyond Roadmap: the ECC agreed to the update the “CEPT Roadmap for 5G and beyond”. It was agreed that the next ECC meeting in March 2024 will revisit the topic with a view to consider a new roadmap, taking into account any relevant developments, e.g. on the outcome of WRC-23, the advancements on 6G and any preliminary thoughts on the 2025-2030 ECC Strategic Plan.
  • Shared use of the 6425-7125 MHz frequency band by WAS/RLAN and MFCN: the meeting reviewed the current status of the work in ECC PT1 and SE45. The ECC decided to maintain the current working arrangement, i.e. the work items continues to be handled within ECC PT1 and SE45.
  • ECC Report and ECC Recommendation on receiver performance: the ECC gave guidance to WG SE, e.g to allow technical discussions including SE21 and to continue close collaboration with ETSI in accordance with the MoU between ECC and ETSI; the aim is to approve both ECC deliverables for public consultation at the WG SE meeting in January 2024.
  • CPG and PT1 Chairs: the ECC agreed that Martin Weber (D) will take over the duties of the CPG chair, including leading CEPT in the WRC-23. Moreover, a call for nominations will be announced for the CPG Chair for WRC-27 preparation and the PT1 Chair so that the appointments can be made at the ECC #63 Plenary meeting in March 2024.
  • LoU: an LoU with Car Connectivity Consortium was endorsed by the ECC meeting.
  • Questionnaire: the ECC noted the results of questionnaire addressed to the LoU partners. There is no immediate action required, but any comments were invited to feed into the ECC SG discussions.


Next meeting:

63rd ECC Plenary, 05 – 08 March 2024 (Location: TBC).