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Terms of Reference

(Last update: 2 November 2012)

The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)


  1. consider and develop policies on electronic communications(1) activities in a European context, taking account of European and international legislation and regulations;
  2. develop European common positions and proposals, as appropriate, for use in the framework of international and regional bodies;
  3. forward plan and harmonise within Europe the efficient use of the radio spectrum, satellite orbits and numbering resources, so as to satisfy the requirements of users and industry;
  4. take decisions on the management of the work of the ECC;
  5. approve Decisions and other deliverables;
  6. implement the strategic decisions of the Assembly;
  7. seek guidance from the Assembly, as and when necessary, and propose issues for consideration by the Assembly;
  8. where relevant, establish contacts with equivalent organisations outside of Europe;
  9. report to the CEPT Assembly on the progress of its work.

In carrying out these activities, the ECC shall establish close cooperation and consultation with relevant European bodies, in particular the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association 



(1) ‘electronic communications’ means transmission, and, where applicable, switching or routing, which permits the conveyance of signals by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic means, irrespective of the type of information conveyed.


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