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CG on sport events

[member was deleted] 28/02/11 11:58

Dear Colleagues,


As you remember at 71st WGFM meeting in Luxembourg we discussed the issues of frequency management during sport events. I put section 6.5 for your convinience.


(1)          The Russian Federation presented the document FM(11)041 with the proposal to develop a new ECC Report on the frequency management during various sport events.

(2)          Different views were expressed with regard to this proposal.

(3)          Switzerland proposed to provide the list of contact persons responsible in the administrations for such frequency management.

(4)          France and Germany supported the idea of such a new  ECC Report and proposed to request FM22 to further consider this proposal.

(5)          Norway informed that it also has experience from winter Olympic games held in Lillehammer in 1994. However it expressed the opinion that FM PT 22 is only restricted to radiomonitoring matters and not appropriate for consideration of all the frequency management issues connected with sport events.

(6)          UK supported the idea but expressed some concerns on suitability of development of ECC Report. The Netherlands had the similar opinion. It noted that CEPT countries may have different regulations which may results into difficulties to agree common approaches in ECC Report.

(7)          The Russian Federation proposed further to prepare a questionnaire to get more information from administrations including data on contact persons.

(8)          After discussion WGFM concluded that it would be useful to have information on frequency management experience from CEPT administrations but did not endorse the development of an ECC Report at this stage. It was decided that a correspondence activity should be established with coordination by the Russian Federation in order to agree on the most suitable ECC deliverables. The CEPT administrations were invited to participate in this activity. It is expected that WGFM will come back to this issue at the next meeting.


I propose to have a consideration and exchange of views and available information of the following topics:

- Identification of currently available information on the frequency management during major sport events;

- Possible ways of collecting and presentation of information on experience from CEPT administrations and other regions including identification of appropriate ECC Deliverable if needed.


I also suggest the CG to have this consideration within next two month in order to report to WGFM meeting in time.


Best regards,

Sorokin Vladislav

[email protected]

[email protected]


Thomas Weber 01/03/11 15:00
Dear Colleagues,
The following documents found in the archives contain information about radio usage and frequency management during sport events, so this contribution should fall under identification of currently available information:
a. info doc from ANFR and OFCOM on special events
b. information from Greece on Olympics in Athens
c. Industry Canada information on 2010 Winter Olympics
d. From FM22: Radio usage during the British motor racing grand prix
There is also ECC Report 44: Guidance for radio usage at special events
Kind regards
Thomas Weber
[member was deleted] 16/03/11 15:09

Dear Colleagues,


As you may see from results of discussion at WGFM some conclusions can be done.


  1. There is support to have some source which will be available for CEPT countries.
  2. It could be different approaches from administration to administration in spectrum management. Therefore there is not so many reasons to agree common approaches.
  3. There is a willingness of administrations to provide material for this source. There is already some documents available from ECO.
  4. There may be differences between material which are and will be provided by interested parties in terms of content and way of presentation.


Proceeding from that I’m going to propose to consider two following issues.


1)      What the possible source could be created to collect different information from administration? I assume that it could be some kind of database (for example, in the form of web-page or ECO Report containing description of available information and links to it.)


2)      The ways of classification of information. Some of material may be dedicated to spectrum requirements, some of them to radiomonitoring issues, some of them to regulatory aspects, some of them to all issues etc. In this case I assume we need to propose some structure for the source mentioned above. For example


-          Introduction (description of sport events and spectrum management issues)

-          Spectrum requirement equipments used at large sport events;

-          Regulatory aspects of frequency assignment and use of equipment;

-          Radio monitoring.

-          Contacts with CEPT Administrations.



 This structure can be use to sort the materials in order to ease the usage of database (report).


Your comments are welcomed!



Ralf Trautmann 24/03/11 14:16
Dear colleagues,
I would like to draw your attention to the ITU-R Document 1C/129, a working document towards a preliminary draft new ITU-R Report with the title "Spectrum management and monitoring during major events".
I could imagine that a Project Team would be tasked to create a similar, CEPT related document. Probably there is no PT within ECC with a sufficient scope. This means that we have two options.
The first one would be to task one PT. The mandate should include the obligation to liaise with all other relevant groups.
The other option would be the installation of a joint PT for this speciffic task.
Best regards
Ralf Trautmann
[member was deleted] 29/03/11 09:20

It means that WP 1C is going to develop the document which is of interest of CEPT countries.

I found that there are two documents available in ITU-R Website at the moment with regard to new ITU-R Report "Spectrum management and monitoring during major events". They are documents from Germany (1C/129) and China (1C/101) which address this issue.

For WGFM it could be mean that CEPT may contribute on that topic. From this perspective we need to have some place for discussion.

From other hand there is a question if we really need to agree on CEPT contributions into new ITU-R Report. I assume it may depend on particular issue (spectrum management aspects or radio monitoring aspects). However due to we don’t have in CEPT agreed regulation on Spectrum management and monitoring during major events it may mean that we don’t need to agree any CEPT contributions for ITU-R. At least it may be difficult to do that.

In any case if it proposed to have PT dealing with Spectrum management and monitoring during major events what could be the terms of reference for such PT? Taking into account that ITU-R is going to develop the Report.

[member was deleted] 29/03/11 09:41
I've uploaded two documents from Germany (1C-129.docx) and China (1C-101.docx) for your convinience.
Thomas Weilacher 29/03/11 14:50
Dear All,
I would like to make the following comments with regard to the aspects which have been provided so far:
a) The activities of the CG on "Frequency Management during sport events" are focused on those regarding a possible ECC deliverable. So it should mainly be discussed whether a deliverable (e.g. an ECC Report) needs to be developed or not. The views on that will be presented to the WG  FM meeting in May. These activities do not depend on the ITU-R activities and should be considered as a separate task. Nevertheless, looking at the ITU-R process would be helpful.
b) I do not think the CG has the mandate to discuss possible CEPT proposals for ITU-R meetings. This might be a task for WG FM, also depending on the way forward regarding a possible ECC deliverable.
c) The structure as proposed by Vladislav (post of 16 March) and the structure submitted by Germany to the ITU-R (1C-129.docx) could be used for discussions on a structure for a new ECC Report.
d) The German administration is in favour of such a new ECC Report as proposed by the Russian Federation (WG FM meeting in January/February).
Kind regards
Thomas Weilacher
[member was deleted] 29/03/11 15:10
If we choose ECC Report we will have to think about possible ways of its development.
It means that we will have to discuss the appropriate PT and its tems of reference.
Of course this CG is not best place to do that. However these terms of reference will depend on ECC Report structure.
Thomas Weilacher 29/03/11 18:25
Dear All,
I agree with the statements from Vladislav, especially with the remark that the (future) PT work will depend on the structure of the ECC Report. So let us go on step by step. During the first step the structure of a new ECC Report could be discussed (if there is no objection doing this). Then we will see what else can be prepared until the May meeting of WG FM.
Kind regards
[member was deleted] 18/04/11 14:48

Dear Colleagues


As I see from previous statements there are no objections to the development of new ECC Report.


To progress further I propose to start discussion the structure of such report. Taking into account all the points expressed above and doc. 1C/129 that report may contain the following structure.


1             Introduction

2             General considerations

·        Organisation team

·        Co-ordination with other organisations

·        Frequency planning

·        Licensing

·        Fees and money collection

·        Labelling

·        Interference investigation

·        Logistics

·        Appearance in public

3. Monitoring activities during major events

·        Preparatory actions

·        Plan of action (Activities before, during and after the event)

4                     Conclusion


ANNEXES (with information from administrations)



In this structure we may identify two major parts: general considerations and monitoring activities. Under general consideration we may consider any issues non-related to radio monitoring. These general considerations may vary from administrations to administration. The experience of particular administrations more related to general issues may be kept in Annexes to this new ECC Report if needed.


It could be overlapping of “General considerations” part with ECC Report 44 “Guidance for radio usage at special events” which already addresses some similar topics. In this case new Report may be more dedicated to current practical experience of administrations rather than try to agree on common approaches.  Moreover it should be taken into account the decision of RA1 (see Doc. RA1(11)05) “…RA1 reviewed the Report and concluded, taking into account the developments in the scope of the Report within WGFM and that the Report does not include information that specifically needs urgent update, that at this point of time RA1 should not start updating the Report but request WGRA to contact WGFM in order to clarify the situation…”


I’m going to prepare the progress report for the next WGFM meeting which will contain the structure of Report. I suggest 4th of May 2011as a deadline for CG work.


Your comments are welcomed.

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