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Information on the use of radio microphones

[member was deleted] 01/07/11 17:45

Dear Mr. CG chairman

We have been informed of the work of the “CG on major sport events” within WG FM and the decisions taken by WG FM on the further work concerning the issue of frequency management during major events. We would like to send you the System Reference Document TR 102546, Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM); technical characteristics for Professional Wireless Microphone Systems (PWMS).

In this document in Annex A.3 you can find a list of examples of major events and the PMSE equipment used. In Annex B you can also find detailed technical information on Professional Wireless Microphone Systems.

Due to the Digital Dividend and the introduction of new technologies, especially LTE and white space devices in the UHF TV band, spectrum availability, and spectrum quality needed for the deployment of PWMS is very much reduced and will severely affect the frequency management   for the production of future major events.

 TR 102 546 was published in 2007 before the WRC 07 decision on the band 790-862MHz. The Digital Dividend issue is addressed but the effects are not clear yet.

Currently ERM TG17 WG3 is working on the revision of this Srdoc and will keep yourselves and WG FM informed on the progress.

Please contact me if you feel WP3 can provide any further assistance


Best regards

On behalf of ERM TG17 WG3

Dré Klaassen



[member was deleted] 03/10/11 10:41

I think this document may be useful for further consideration and inclusion of its relevant materials  into ECC Report under one of the sections.

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