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QUESTIONNAIRE on major events

[member was deleted] 11/10/11 01:07
Dear ALL,
Based on structure proposed earlier and taking into account the results of October meeting of FM 22 I have prepared a questionnaire requested by WGFM. I will work on it next two days.
If you have any comments you are welcome!!


for CEPT administrations

on frequency management during major events



This questionnaire is based on the structure developed by correspondence group. Some additional comment may arise at WGFM meeting. In order to satisfy them it is proposed to have a drafting group. There were also some thoughts provided by FM 22 to correspondence group. Nevertheless this information was not considered in details at FM 22 it is proposed to look at it during the drafting group considerations in order to capture useful thoughts.

Due to complexity and assumed differences between major events and how they were organized it is proposed to give to administration more flexibility in providing of information.



1) General considerations

What kind of types of major event(s) your administration held in the past or going to hold in the future?


Please provide a description of this (these) events, taken also the spectrum management aspects.


2) Organization team


In relation to major events mentioned in 1) please provide information on

-         The rights and responsibilities (or terms of reference) they had;

-         Structure of the organization team responsible for frequency management;

-         The connection with telecommunication administration;

-         Description of stuff operated in this team;

-         Any other useful information.


3) Coordination with other organizations/administrations


Please provide information with regard to organization of the work on the preparation of the events at the county/ administration levels.


What kind of coordination was established with other organizations at national and international level?


4) Preparation of the events


4.1) Frequency planning


Administrations are invited to provide the following information.


How the frequency planning was organized.


What the spectrum requirement were identified and how.


What were the main contributors and drivers to spectrum demand?


What the types of spectrum users and their amount were taken into account?


What were the geographical areas for spectrum planning?


What types of equipment were taken into account? (see NOTE 1 for guidance)


NOTE 1: The following is a (non exclusive) list relating to the type of radio use which could be expected during a Major Event.


·         Radio Microphones (Broadcasters and Public Address)

·         Wireless Cameras (including HD/3D)

·         Satellite News Gathering - uplinks

·         Telemetry – Safety transponders, timing

·         SRD – pocket cameras, RFID

·         In-ear talkback systems

·         Simultaneous translation broadcasts (multiple Band2 FM channels)

·         Private Mobile Radio (PMR)

·         Military activity (inc ships radars)

·         Security Services

·         Public Communications

o       UMTS

o       GSM

o       Wifi

o       Wireless credit card terminals

·         Air rescue

·         Passive use (e.g. GPS)

·         Additional Broadcasting (DVB-T/TV/Radio)

·         Fixed links (point to point microwave)

·         Short range radar

·         Body scanners

·         Emergency services (TETRA, Police, Fire, Medical etc)

·         Deliberate Jamming – GSM, GPS etc

·         Outside sources

o       Radio Amateurs

o       ISM devices

o        International maritime use (if close to coast)


What the measures were taken in order to meet the necessary spectrum demand?


Any other information, that may be useful.


4.2) Licensing


Administrations are invited to provide information structure of licensing at major events. In particular:


What kind of licenses were considered/required?


What the procedures for frequency licensing were established? Please provide description of the licensing procedures, including responsible bodies etc.


What the requirement/rights/restrictions were established by the licenses?


Is there any case where licensing was not required?


How the issuing of licenses were organized?


Was there a need for special data base and how it was maintained?


4.3) Fees and money collection


Please provide information on fees applicable at major events.


In which cases fees were applicable?


How the fees were calculated?


How the money collection were organized?



4.4)  Labelling


Did you use the labeling for equipment used for major events purposes?


What kind of labeling did you use?


How the labeling was organized and controlled?


4.5)   Interference investigation


What the need and measures were taken into account in order to provide interference investigation functions?


Please provide a description of the structure of spectrum monitoring used at major events (What were the main tasks? How the execution of particular tasks were organized? etc)


4.6)       Logistics


What the logistics aspects related to frequency management were taken into account?


Please provide relevant descriptions taking into account human resources, accommodation, transport, branding etc.


4.7)       Appearance in public


What kinds of communication with public were needed?


What particular requirements were identified?


Could you provide an example?


4.8)  Legal aspects


Was there a need for developing the special regulation? Please provide additional information.


What particular regulatory aspects were taken into account?


5)        Preparatory actions just before events


If there are special tasks taken just before events different than those mentioned in question 4)?


What are the special procedures related to just before event period?


5.1)     Contacting the organizer of the event


What the procedures of contacting/communication with the organizers just before event?


5.2)     Plan of action


Is there a special plan of actions related to frequency management activities? Please provide additional information and/or examples.


6)      Activities during the event


What the activities related to frequency management are taken during event?

How these activities are organized? Please use aspects mentioned in section 4) if applicable.


7)  Activities after the event


What the activities related to frequency management are taken after event?


8)      Other aspects


Please provide any other relevant information if you find it appropriate.



[member was deleted] 11/10/11 01:11
For your convinience I attach the file with Questionnaire
Thomas Weber 11/10/11 09:45
Dear colleagues,
I transformed the draft questionnaire incl. some editorial work to the normal style we use for questionnaires in WGFM. See attached. I hope this is considered helpful.
Kind regards
Thomas Weber
There is one outstanding comment on question 2  (stuff?)
[member was deleted] 12/10/11 12:59
Dear Coleagues,
I would like to thank Thomas for modification of the questionnaire.
I have made some further corrections.
I'm going to submit the both structure anf this questionnaire to WGFM tommorow.
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