ECO EFIS Workshop on 19 September 2017

23 May 2017, 10:21

ECO EFIS Workshop on 19 September 2017

More than 50 participants came together to discuss the EFIS database in an open workshop. Participants represented CEPT administrations, stakeholders from standardisation, radio equipment manufacturers and network operators, software developers, notified bodies(test houses), the European Commission and the ECO.

The workshop was held at the premises of the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) in Mainz. 

See the workshop programme: here.

A wrap-up of the discussions is available:here.

You can find the presentations: here.

EFIS Workshop - Opening and Welcome

 The workshop is followed on 20-21 September by the next ordinary meeting of the EFIS/MG where the results of the workshop will be further discussed and a summary be provided to the next WGFM meeting in October 2017.

The workshop has addressed the following items and the agenda consisted of several parts:

1) Guidance to the CEPT administrations about their possibilities when providing information to the EFIS.

2) Guidance to the interested public using the EFIS, and especially how to best find certain information.

3) An exchange of views amongst all participants of what would be useful to add in EFIS / suggestions for improvement.

Speakers were from the European Commission, ECO, national regulatory authorities, ADCO RED, RED CA, and a presentation about new planned possibilities using an application programming interface. The workshop gave an unique possibility to learn how to use the EFIS in the best way, save time, and ask questions. 

For questions about the Workshop: please contact [email protected]