Terms of Reference

ECO Frequency Information System Maintenance Group (EFIS/MG)
  1. To maintain EFIS;
  2. To further develop EFIS, taking into account the new EC spectrum policy framework and the RE Directive (especially the integration of Radio Interface Specifications into EFIS, possibly in database format);
  3. To evaluate the cost implications of new developments taking into account the necessary additional resources;
  4. To prepare revisions of ECC/DEC/(01)03 on EFIS, if necessary and to provide proposals to the revision of the List of Applications as appropriate;
  5. To prepare revisions of ECC/DEC/(03)05 on publication of Frequency Information;
  6. To exchange experience gathered with EFIS (List of best practices);
  7. To inventory national frequency information systems;
  8. To liaise, as appropriate, with the other ECC WGs and FM PTs, the European Commission and the Industry, while keeping under review the maintenance and development of EFIS;
  9. To liaise with the ECO Council on item 3 related issues;
  10. To validate RIS model implementations (by checking for compliance against Guide for usage of Radio Interface Specifications template within the ECC);
  11. To consider revisions of ECO Report 05 (references to CEPT, ECC and EC deliverables in relation to application terminology specified in ECC Decision (01)03 - Annex 2);
  12. To consider revisions of ERC Report 25 (European Table of Frequency Allocations and Applications, the ECA Table)
  13. To report to the WG FM.

Updated 27 May 2016
Updated: 11 March 2019, 15:25