Terms of Reference

  1. Maintain an oversight on satellite policy issues within the CEPT within the terms of reference of WGFM;
  2. Consider on the request of the WGFM how the spectrum identified for space radiocommunication services should be arranged for use; 
  3. Identify tasks on satellites (not covered by the permanent ECC working groups) which could be proposed to the WGFM;
  4. Maintain and update existing CEPT ECC Decisions, Recommendations and Reports on space radiocommunication issues within the mandate of WGFM;
  5. At the request of WGFM, prepare responses to EC Mandates on space radiocommunication issues; 
  6. Seek, as appropriate, contributions and assistance from relevant ECC subordinate bodies and from the ECO;
  7. In agreement with WGFM, liaise with ETSI and other relevant bodies dealing with standardisation;
  8. Contribute, as appropriate, to the development of CEPT inputs to ITU-R Working Parties on space radiocommunication issues in accordance with ECC working procedures;
  9. Report to each meeting of WGFM.




Updated: 17 February 2018, 14:36