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Terms of Reference

FM PT 54 on Private/Professional Land Mobile Systems

  • Review and develop ECC deliverables (Reports, Decisions, Recommendations) on PMR and PAMR as requested by WG FM; 
  • In the light of the recognition of the 450-470 MHz band as an ITU-R recognised IMT band (RR footnote 5.286AA), consider the suitability of the introduction of other land mobile technologies and system developments such as M2M, IoT , LTE (where predominately used in ‘push-to-talk’ closed user groups or voice, data or M2M applications) in the band alongside incumbent technologies; 
  • Consider the 410-430 MHz band for the introduction of new technology and system developments such as M2M, IoT and broadband PMR/PAMR alongside incumbent technologies; 
  • Liaise, as appropriate, with the ECC WGs and PTs (e.g. relevant SE PTs), ETSI, 3GPP and other relevant organisations as authorised by WG FM, with the principal aim to exchange information and to broaden the support for the work of the project team; 
  • Report on progress at WG FM meetings.

Work to the greatest extent possible by correspondence and by use of electronic means.

Participation in this PT shall be open to:

  • Representatives of CEPT administrations;
  • Representatives from industry, who are full members of ETSI;
  • Other official representatives of organisations which have a MoU or LoU with CEPT or ECC, such as ETSI and EC;
  • Others may be invited by the chairman to attend meetings of the Project Team when appropriate.

 Updated by WGFM#87

Updated: 17 February 2018, 14:36