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Terms of Reference

The Project Team shall:

  • work on spectrum issues related to railway applications, especially GSM-R and its successor;
  • undertake an assessment of the spectrum needs for the future railway mobile communication system, including train-to-train, while considering, among others, the System Reference Document TR 103 333 on GSM-R networks evolution provided by ETSI;
  • identify and evaluate a set of suitable candidate bands for European-wide harmonisation of spectrum (both below and above 1 GHz) with regard to mission-critical railway radiocommunications,
  • consider aspects related to access to commercial and other mobile networks;
  • assess spectrum issues, including transitional matters;
  • monitor the national coordination/cooperation processes between GSM-R and MFCN;
  • develop or review ECC Decisions, ECC Recommendations, ECC Reports and other deliverables in relation to railway applications, as requested by WG FM;
  • liaise, as appropriate, with ECC Working Groups and Project Teams (e.g. CPG, FM and SE PTs), ETSI, 3GPP and other relevant organisations as authorised by WG FM;
  • use electronic working methods as far as possible;
  • report on progress at WG FM meetings.

Participation in this PT shall be open to:

  • representatives of CEPT administrations;
  • representatives from industry, who are full members of ETSI;
  • other official representatives of organisations which have a MoU or LoU with CEPT or ECC, such as ETSI, UIC, GSMA and EC;
  • representatives from EUAR.
  • others may be invited by the chairman to attend meetings of the Project Team when appropriate.

Approved by WGFM#87


Updated: 28 February 2018, 18:21