Forum Forum

Terms of Reference

The Forum Group shall:

  1. Review ECC deliverables relating to maritime issues in accordance with RoP or/and as directed by WG FM prepare relevant ECC deliverables;
  2. Coordinate CEPT positions on maritime radiocommunications including radiodetermination matters in preparation for the relevant meetings of the International Maritime Organisation, IMO;
  3. Evaluate the impact of EU Deliverables on Maritime Radiocommunications including Radiodetermination matters and report where appropriate;
  4. Review and report on the impact for CEPT members of changes in regulations concerning Maritime Radiocommunications including Radiodetermination in individual CEPT countries, ensuring harmonisation where appropriate;
  5. To coordinate education needs in order to facilitate CEPT  harmonisation;
  6. Liaise with the relevant entities within ETSI on maritime matters;
  7. Coordinate CEPT positions in preparation for ITU-R WP5B on Maritime Radiocommunications including Radiodetermination issues, except those which are on the agenda of a World Radiocommunication Conference;
  8. Report to the WG FM.



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