Terms of Reference

1. Develop strategies for the implementation of long term plans for future use of the frequency spectrum. 

2. Update and maintain the European Table of Frequency Allocations and Utilisation (ERC Report 25) as the strategic framework for frequency allocations and use in Europe. 

3. Promote harmonised national frequency allocation tables and co-ordinate the use of frequency bands for the same purpose, for applications and for systems throughout CEPT countries. 

4. Select and apply appropriate criteria for sharing and compatibility between radiocommunications services and systems. 

5. On request from the CPG contribute to the preparation of CEPT positions for WRCs and other relevant fora. 

6. Recommend methods of co-ordinating frequency assignments. 

7. Co-ordinate monitoring activities. 

8. Provide a forum for frequency managers within CEPT to discuss issues of common concern, including Civil/military co-operation. 

9. Co-ordinate related activities and contributions for the work in the ITU-R sector.  

10. Seek, where relevant, contributions and assistance from the Office and the relevant ECC subordinate bodies. 

11. Consult with various bodies and organisations within CEPT countries or Administrations outside the CEPT, with the principal aim to collect information and to broaden the support for the deliverables of the working group. 

12. Prepare draft Decisions as directed by the Plenary and prepare and approve Recommendations and Reports as necessary.  In developing new Decisions, Recommendations and Reports, WG FM shall take into account the exemption from individual licensing and free carriage and use of equipment, where appropriate. 

13. Develop and maintain its work programme, approve the work programme of its subordinate bodies, and guide and co-ordinate the work of these bodies. 

14. Report to the Plenary. 

Updated: 11 March 2019, 15:25