Options for regulation - Brainstorming of possible options and consequences

Robin Donoghue 21/06/23 14:46

The table below is intended to start a brainstorming of possible regulatory actions and their likely consequeses




Do nothing



New ECC Recommendation



New Annex in Rec 70-03



New entries in Rec 70-03 Annex 9



ECC Report outcome taken forward in equipment standards only (ETSI)



ECC Report outcome taken forward in equipment standards only (cenelec)








































Jose Marcos 21/06/23 14:56

Thank you Robin

I would like to add aspects, considerations, important facts that each deliverable brings.

Otherwise we will not see clearly what does what. What deliverable offers the largest panel of option. Better slice it in peaces.

Here we say, how to eat an elephant? peace by peace!

Example, this X deliverable covers this YES, NO, covers that YES NO, etc...

As such, dear delegates, could you please tell what aspects, considerations do you want to see cover by the future chosen deliverable.

What do you think?

Thank you

Best regards







Michael Mahler 21/06/23 17:52

Dear All,


I think we need to consider as well that:

Current siutation: Other inductive devices (like metal sensors, cable detectors) are also not intending to “radiate” into a far -field. Such devices are only assess changes in the local magnetic field.

Such devices are still covered by ERC REC 70-03 Annex 9 / ETSI EN  and have to spend a huge effort also specifying RX requirements and conformance testing to measure the very low field strengths (measurement disctance of <1m necessary).

That WPT systems will not work without a wanted emission from one to another device. Typical both parts are independent devices. Without the emission/field a WPT system will not work. I think based on the rules each part has to be certified separately and I think a WPT charger shall be able to charge more than one other secondary side. It is not a "fixed" combination of devices.

If we would compare such indictive sensor devices with WPT the measurable filed the measurable filed would be much lower than of the WPT devices.

Therefore, if WPT will be handled by CENELEC EN / EMC directive it need to be discussed why inductive determination devices are radio


And second point WPT systems: a WPT system will not have emissions based on the power transfer, there will be emissions (e.g. metal sensors, gap monitoring) active which operate at the same time and similar frequencies.

In addition it is state of the art (based on the changes in the orientation/alignment) the charging coil (hardware) will detect if the secondary side will go away à based on changes in the filed --> this could also be seen as radiodetermination.

Therefore it could be easier for regulation and EN to cover all emissions (independent of the source/reason/function) under a WPT system emission mask (similar to UWB emission mask). This mask could also cover the spurious.


And final comment: also other country specific WPT regulations still availible. e.g. FCC (via a KDB+FCC part15 or part18), Canada (specific RRS), China, Japan and Korea (and more) have clear WPT regulations under the radio framework. In this regulations it is specified which kind of WPT systems or which WPT emissions (based on functionality) have to apply under which limits/rules. And the specific regulations reflects country specific situations and currently I cannot see harmonization. I think clear regulation would help as well and not try to solve a framework based on EN only.


Best Regards

Michael Mahler

Michael Mahler 30/06/23 10:08

Dear All,


I was in contact with our buisiness unti Power Tools and we assessed the test reports of our "inductive cable detectors". Sorry I have to correct it is possible to measure the emissions @ 3m (10m not possible) but therefore a active test antenna with > 20dB was necessary. 

The emissions of at the operating frequerncy range was between -20 dBuA/m and 0 dBuA/m @ 3m. this is in minimum 60dB below the regulated limit for inductive devices under Annex 9.


The Bosch WPT System for Power Tools generated a emission (@ 3 m) of 30 - 50 dBuA/m depending of WPT mode (power transfer, communication, pairing,..) (it was a 80W WPT System)