Presentations CEPT workshop 21-22 Nov 2022


Session 1.  The future role of ‘Megaconstellations’ and High Throughput Systems in satellite connectivity

Session chair: Amar Saïdani – FM44 Chair

Satellite innovations in a global context:

Mohaned Juwad (GSOA)

Current and future planned systems:

Patrick van Niftrik (SES)

Tony Azzarelli (OneWeb)

Alex Epshteyn (Amazon/Kuiper)

Dominic Hayes (European Commission)

Session 2. Future satellite M2M/IoT systems

Session chair: Jesús Arnau Yanez – SE40 Chair

Existing operators in ERC Decision (99)06

Assia Bahri (Kinéis)

Yulia Kulikova (Myriota)

Hybrid technologies and use of satellite in bands used by SRDs

Fabien Migneret (LoRa Alliance)

Martin von der Ohe (Lacuna Space)

End-users‘ viewpoints

Frank Zeppenfeldt (ESA)

Julian Stafford (EUTC)

Session 3. Earth stations in motion

Session chair: Thomas Welter – CPG PTB Chair

Satellite operator viewpoints

Miia Mustonen (Intelsat)

Paul Deedman (Inmarsat)

Simone La Torre (Stellar)

Stanislava Tereshchenko (Viasat)

Laura Roberti (Telesat)


4. Satellite solutions for 5G and beyond

Session chair: Steve Green – ECC PT1 Chair

Research initiatives and standardisation

Rainer Wansch (Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS)

Nicolas Chuberre (3GPP NTN Rapporteur)

Direct connectivity solutions via satellite

Jan-Hendrik Jochum (Deutsche Telekom AG)

Guy Christiansen (Apple)

Margo Deckard (Lynk)


5. Standardisation for satellite terminals

Session chair: Ivica Stevanovic – WGSE Vice-Chair

ETSI activities on satellite standardisation

Nicolas Chuberre (ETSI TC SES Vice Chair)


6. WRC-23 agenda items relevant to the satellite sector

Session chair: Daniel Bielefeld – WGFM Vice-Chair

CEPT preparation for WRC-23 satellite agenda items

Alexandre Kholod (CPG Chair)


7. Other challenges and non-spectrum issues

Session chair: Vincent Durepaire – WGFM Chair

Object tracking and debris mitigation

Kumar Singarajah (Astroscale)

Astronomy interference challenges

Gyula Jozsa (CRAF/ORP/MPIfR)


8. Regulatory frameworks

Session chair: Chris Woolford – ECC Chair

Operators’ viewpoints

Betty Bonnardel (ACCESS.SPACE Alliance)

Cécil Ameil (GSOA)

Matteo Cappella (CSSMA)

Recent developments in the ITU framework

Florence Magnier (ITU-R SG 4 Vice Chair)

CEPT administrations’ views

Icíar Ojugas (Spain)

Thomas Weber (Germany)

Jonas Wessel (Sweden)

Kotryna Nacienė (Lithuania)


9. Closing session

Session chair: Chris Woolford – ECC Chair


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