T-DAB Plans

Welcome to the ECO pages on T-DAB.

The information contained in this page relates to the two CEPT multilateral agreements. For more information on these agreements, click on the links provided below:


Circular letters for the Wiesbaden and Maastricht Special Arrangements

Circular letters issued in the process of modification to the allotment frequency plan or the conversion of an allotment into one or more assignments in accordance with Article 4 and Article 6, respectively, of the Wiesbaden and Maastricht Special Arrangements can be downloaded here.

Additional information

WG FM is leading the T-DAB and broadcasting activities within ECC. ECO is providing on a regular basis report of the maintenance of the Plans at WG FM meetings.

  • Designated contacts in CEPT administrations with respect to T-DAB
  • Information on the data formats relating to the T-DAB activities
  • Documents for download
  • Document EBU BPN003 Rev.3 "Technical Bases for T-DAB Services Network Planning and Compatibility with existing Broadcasting Services" (Third issue, February 2003)


ECO contact for T-DAB related enquiries: Zeljko Tabakovic (ECO) 
E-mail: [email protected] or phone: +45 33 89 63 13

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