Data Formats

There is currently only one data format (Co07 format) used in connection with the T-DAB Plans in CEPT. Previous data in ASCII97 and MA02 formats were transferred into the new Co07 format before the two revised Special Arrangements come into force on 01 September 2007. 

According to the decision taken at the 87th WG FM meeting (30 January - 3 February 2017 in Luxembourg), ASCII97 format is no longer required and will not longer be published by the ECO.

This data format was adopted at Constanţa 2007 for submission of data to ECO by the administrations. The Co07 format specifications are provided in the current Annex 3 of the both Wi95revCo07 and Ma02revCo07 Special Arrangements.   

A high degree of compatibility exists between the Co07 format and to the ITU file formats for submission of electronic notices for T-DAB in the context of GE-06 Agreement (see ITU-R CR/120 and CR/262).  


Publication of the T-DAB Plans

The two frequency Plans (the one in the VHF band associated with WI95revCO07 and the other in the 1.5 GHz band governed by MA02revCO07) are currently published in Co07 format.


Submission of data to ECO

In accordance with the §4.14 and §6.7 administrations shall communicate information to the Plan Management Body (ECO) in the electronic form. For submission of basic characteristics of T-DAB allotments and assignments the data format Co07specified in Annex 3 of the relevant Special Arrangement shall be used.

If a submission to ECO is made in a paper form, the electronic data file(s) containing relevant allotments and/or assignment data shall be attached. 


Co07 examples of notices

Administrations may wish to use examples of Co07 notices when preparing their data in the Co07 format:

  • For T-DAB Allotments:


This document provides additional details on the notices.


Validation of the notices

Since the Co07 is similar to the ITU file formats for submission of electronic notices for T-DAB in the context of GE-06 Agreement (see ITU-R CR/120 and CR/262), the tool developed by the BR for the validation of the GE06 notices may be used for partial validation of the Co07 notices (taking into account some differences such as frequency range...). See the GE06 Digital Broadcasting Notice Processing Tool on the ITU-R web site.


ECO contact for T-DAB related enquiries:  José Carrascosa (ECO) 
E-mail: jose.carrascosa@eco.cept.org or phone: +45 33 89 63 13

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