ECO Presentations

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Table of presentations made by ECO staff members

Presenter Presentation title
Conference name
Venue and date
Robin Donoghue ECC update November 2023 - Recent changes since May 2023


Lisbon, Portugal
9-10 November 2023

Zeljko Tabakovic Regulation and Standardisation for Short-Range Communications - The role of ECC and SEAMCAT Interference Simulator

European School of Antennas and Propagation - ESOA 2023.
Short Range Propagation: Theory, Models and Applications

Cesenatico, UniBO, Italy
4-8 September 2023

Peter Faris

Monte Carlo Modelling of mmWave 6G Systems for Shared Spectrum Deployments

17th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2023)

Florence, Italy
26 March 2023

Robin Donoghue ECC Update May 2023 -
Recent Changes since November 2022
REDCA 12 May 2023 (online)
Vassil Krastev PSAP Directory ECO webinar on the PSAP Directory 28 March 2023 (online)
Robin Donoghue

Recent Changes since May 2022


9 November 2022 (online)
Robin Donoghue

ECO tools EFIS and DoCDB - Europe’s Radio Spectrum Information Databases

ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2022 for Europe (RRS-22-Europe)

30 Aug - 8 Sept 2022 (online)
Peter Faris

CEPT activities on Spectrum Management

ITU Regional Radiocommunication Seminar 2022 for Europe (RRS-22-Europe)

30 Aug - 8 Sept 2022 (online)
Robin Donoghue Recent Changes since November 2021 REDCA 11 May 2022 (online)
Vassil Krastev eCall call-back issues EENA Conference 2022 Marseille, France
27-29 April 2022

Peter Faris

The European regulatory context for spectrum management - Implications for energy efficiency

PAINLESS-TeamUp5G Winter School

1 December 2021 (online)

Robin Donoghue

Recent Changes since May 2021


10 November 2021 (online)

Peter Faris


Doriana Guiducci

Spectrum sharing and compatibility studies in the European regulatory context

A European testbed for spectrum sharing studies:
the role of simulations

Spectrum Sharing for the Digital Ecosystem Towards 6G

Joint EUCNC and & 6G Summit 2021

8 June 2021 (online)

Jaime Afonso

Studies at CEPT level
Licensed Shared Access (LSA)

Webinar “LSA - Spectrum sharing model”, ANACOM

19 May 2021 (online)

Robin Donoghue

Recent Changes since October 2020


19 May 2021 (online)

Freddie McBride

17-digit dialling and eCall call-back – Identifying problems and implementing solutions

eCall Association | Workshop: Get together on open eCall issues and challenges  15 December 2020 (online)
Robin Donoghue

ECC Update October 2020 -
Recent and Planned Changes since November 2019

REDCA 8th October 2020 (physical event cancelled)
Robin Donoghue

ECC Recent and Planned Changes

REDCA 29 May 2020 (physical event cancelled)

Peter Faris and Doriana Guiducci

Regulatory requirements and characterisation of transmitter and receiver parameters to set a novel framework for spectrum sharing

EuCAP 2020 - 14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation

15-20 March 2020 (physical event cancelled)
Robin Donoghue ECC Recent and Planned Changes REDCA

Malta, 5 November 2019

Robin Donoghue Recent and Planned Changes in SRD Regulations Radio Solutions 2019

Nedap, Groenlo, The Netherlands
16-17 May 2019

Doriana Guiducci Dallo switch off della radio alle reti del futuro Marconi Radio Days 2019

Bologna, Italy
11-14 April 2019



Thomas Weber

Relevant Activities in CEPT-ECC for Railways in UIC

International Railway Union - UIC Group for Frequency Aspects (UGFA)

Utrecht, Netherlands,
23-24 October 2018

Freddie McBride

PSAP-Directory - Project Update

ETSI EMTEL - PT ES Joint Workshop

Sophia Antipolis, France    
17 October 2018

Doriana Guiducci

European 5G regulatory developments

How to evolve regulation with technologies for the effective spectrum management


Bologna, Italy,
9-12 September 2018

Thomas Weber

ITS, automotive sensors and future railway radiocommunications

Russian language version



ITU Regional Seminar for CIS and Europe "Development of modern radiocommunication ecosystems"

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation,

6-8 June 2018 

Freddie McBride

Facilitating communications between PSAPs throughout Europe (PSAP-DIR)

EENA Conference 2018

Ljubljana, Slovenia   
25-27 April 2018

Thomas Weber

Frequency Regulation - Global Update for Automotive Radars

Conference on New Features for Automotive Radars

Stuttgart, Germany         
20-22 February 2018

Thomas Weber

Webinar on EFIS


U.S Notify Body Webinar

19 December 2017

Thomas Weber

EFIS – ECO Frequency Information System

REDCA Porto, Portugal
8 November 2017
Freddie McBride

eCall - Open Issues

ETSI EMTEL - PT ES Joint Workshop

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
25th October 2017

Bruno Espinosa

Spectrum Regulations for
Short Range Devices in Europe

Radio Solutions 2017 LPRA

Groenlo, The Netherlands,
17th May 2017

Freddie McBride

eCall – Implementation challenges

 TC NTECH #18 

ETSI, Sophia Antipolis
27 April 2017

Thomas Weber

Activities in CEPT (European Spectrum Regulation) with regard to connected cars evolving towards autonomous vehicles

Connected Cars, V2X & Autonomous Vehicles

Düsseldorf, Germany
24-26 April 2017

José Carrascosa

Introduction to SEAMCAT


Universitat Politècnica de Valencia -

Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications Research institute (iTEAM)

Valencia, Spain,
22 March 2017

José Carrascosa

Presentation on the European Regulatory Framework


Universitat Politècnica de Valencia - Telecommunications Engineering School - Presentation on the European Regulatory Framework

Valencia, Spain,
21 March 2017

Thomas Weber

Activities in CEPT (European Spectrum Regulation) for Applications in Transport and Traffic Telematics including Sensors

Automotive Radar Sensors for Semi-Automatic and Autonomous Driving and Parking Systems

Wolfsburg, Germany
21-23 February 2017

Freddie McBride Introduction to and deployment of eCall FICORA Workshop on National eCall Implementation

Helsinki, Finland
8 February 2017

Thomas Weber Activities in CEPT-ECC potentially relevant for UIC UIC Group for Frequency Aspects (UGFA) Muenchen, Germany
7 February 2017

José Carrascosa

Peter Faris



ATU SEAMCAT Workshop for beginners Nairobi, Kenya,
30-31 January 2017
Thomas Weber

EFIS and Spectrum Planning

53 shades of RE-D: 6 months to go. How to place compliant radio equipment on the European market

ETSI, Sophia Antipolis
1 December 2016
Thomas Weber European Regulatory Position (in CEPT) Interactive Workshop Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X) Connectivity San Jose, USA
14-16 November 2016
Thomas Weber

Radio Spectrum Considerations for Present and Future Rail Communication Systems in the CEPT / Electronic Communications Committee (ECC)

Managing Rail Mobile Communications Evolution ETSI, Sophia-Antipolis
2-3 November
Thomas Weber

CEPT/ECC-ETSI Co-operation Process  and Relation to Standardisation Activities

Joint ETSI-CEPT Workshop on Public Protection and Disaster Relief - Regulatory Changes and New Opportunities for Broadband PPDR ETSI, Sophia-Antipolis
29 September
Peter Faris SEAMCAT 5,
New functionalities for sharing and compatibility studies
EMC Europe Conference  Wroclaw, Poland
5-9 September
José Carrascosa Introduction to SEAMCAT,
Spectrum Engineering
Advanced Monte Carlo Analysis Tool
Global Conference on Applied Computing in Science and Engineering Rome, Italy
27-29 July
Thomas Weber

Activities in CEPT (European Spectrum Regulation) for Applications in Transport and Traffic Telematics including Sensors

Trends in Automotive Radar and Impact on System Architecture Workshop Munich, Germany
14-17 March
Thomas Weber

CEPT/ECC-ETSI Co-operation Process and relation to standardisation activities

53 shades of RE-D ETSI, Sophia Antipolis
4 November 2015
Thomas Weber

Spectrum for M2M/IoT Applications – an Overview

Bitkom AK Frequenzen Munich, Germany
30 October 2015
Freddie McBride Database to support inter-PSAP communications in Europe – CEPT/ECC Feasibility Study EENA Members' Workshop

Brussels, Belgium 
19-20 October 2015

Freddie McBride Numbers for eCall Devices
 - Options and challenges
European eCall Implementation Platform - Task Force on Life Cycle Management Brussels, Belgium
16 June 2015
Jean-Philippe Kermoal Advanced statistical techniques
for spectrum engineering analysis
SEAMCAT: a European experience
ISART 2015: Measurements, Models, Simulations, and Technologies for Improved Spectrum Sharing ISART 2015
Boulder, Colorado
May 12-14, 2015
Stella Lyubchenko ECC: what is the current status of 5G …

2nd JRC Seminar on 5G Communications

Ispra, Italy
19 May 2015
Thomas Weber

On-Going Activities in the CEPT (European Spectrum Regulation) on  Smart Transportation Solutions

6th internet of things annual European summit, Brussels Brussels, Belgium
11-13 May 2015
Freddie McBride Calling Party Numbers for eCall Devices - Options and Associated Challenges ERTICO - eCall Inter-Operability Workshop Brussels, Belgium
14-15 April 2015
Thomas Weber

On-Going Activities in the CEPT (European Spectrum Regulation) on Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications Systems

White paper

International Conference „IFE & Connectivity“ Hamburg, Germany
24-26 March 2015
Bruno Espinosa

Geolocation databases for spectrum sharing: ECC findings and studies

EC Workshop: Spectrum sharing by using geo-location databases Brussels, Belgium
20 March 2015
Thomas Weber

On-Going Activities in the CEPT (European Spectrum Regulation) for Applications in Transport and Traffic Telematics including Sensors

Interactive Workshop on Scalable Active Sensor Architectures Ulm, Germany
24-26 February 2015
Bruno Espinosa  Coexistence challenges in the UHF band EC Workshop Brussels
Freddie McBride

Numbering for eCall - Capacity, Efficiency, Sustainability

Final HeERO International Conference Madrid, Spain 27/11/2014
Thomas Weber

Activities in CEPT ECC/WGFM in relation to the Evolution of the Radio Communication System

Workshop on Evolution of the Radio Communication System -  European Railway Agency (ERA), Valenciennes, France
Thomas Weber

Activities in CEPT ECC/WGFM/ Project Team FM54

3rd Interferences Workshop - European Commission (DG Move) and the European Railway Agency (ERA) Valenciennes, France
Thomas Weber On-going developments for Wireless Industrial Applications (WIA) in CEPT/ECC Workshop on Wireless Resources for advanced Manufacturing Brussels
Mark Thomas More than bandwidth -  spectrum harmonisation for wireless broadband in Europe Wireless World Research Forum: 33rd Conference Surrey University, Guildford, UK; 25/09/2014
Thomas Weber

Existing & Near Future Work in CEPT on Cognitive Radio, (presentation)
Background paper

56th International Symposium ELMAR

Zadar,  Croatia,

 Stella Lyubchenko  SEAMCAT modelling system-level EMC Analysis

International Symposium EMC Europe 2014

Gothenburg, Sweden,
Thomas Weber Global Harmonization Possibilities of SRDs in the UHF bands ITU Workshop on SRD and UWB Geneva, 3 June 2014
Freddie McBride Caller ID Spoofing – Good and Bad ITU-T Workshop on Caller ID Spoofing Geneva, 2 June 2014
Alexander Gulyaev

ECC update: some highlights  of ECC’s recent regulatory activities

R&TTE CA Plenary meeting Amsterdam
Freddie McBride Accuracy & Reliability of Caller Location Information in support of Emergency Services European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Conference 2014

Warsaw, 2-4 April 2014

Thomas Weber GNSS Re-transmitters - CEPT Activities Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2014 Munich,
Alexander Gulyaev A European Harmonised Spectrum for Broadband PPDR Critical Communications Europe Amsterdam,
Bruno Espinosa Implementation of LSA in the 2.3 – 2.4 GHz band Workshop on Licensed Shared Access Rome, Italy
14/2- 2014
Thomas Weber Sensing approaches under discussion in ECC CEPT Workshop on how Measurement of Spectrum Occupancy can help Spectrum Management? Mainz, 15/1 2014
Thomas Weber Future Spectrum for RFID, Smart Metering and SRDs in the UHF Frequencies WGFM Civil/Military Meeting Dublin,
Alexander Gulyaev ECC Update: The newly approved deliverables and some highlights of regulatory activities R&TTE CA Plenary meeting

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Alexander Gulyaev Regulatory activities towards enabling a harmonised implementation of Broadband PPDR: The state of play in CEPT / ECC AmCham Denmark conference "When every second counts: New Advanced Broadband Mobile Emergency Communications"

Lyngby, Denmark

Thomas Weber Future Networks - FP7 Concertation - Worldwide Perspectives in flexible spectrum Use and opportunities for standardization FP7 Spectrum Access Workshop

Brussels, Belgium

Alexander Gulyaev

Identifying a European harmonised solution for Broadband PPDR

LTE Professional and Spectrum Management conference in London

London, UK

Freddie McBride Service Portability - (between fixed and mobile services)
 - ECC’s current work to identify and address the technical regulatory challenges
Number Portability Global Summit 2013 London, UK
Bruno Espinosa ECC initiatives on spectrum for Programme Making and Special Events - PMSE International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2013) Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Mark Thomas Understanding demands, looking for balance International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2013) Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Bruno Espinosa Licensed Shared Access in the 2.3 - 2.4 GHz band Trial LSA workshop Helsinki, Finland
Stella Lyubchenko

New implementation of CDMA UPLINK in SEAMCAT

EMC Symposium 2013 Brugge, Belgium, 
2-6 September 2013
Thomas Weber Public Safety Future Networks – European Update Future Network & Mobile Summit 2013 Lisbon, Portugal,
4 July 2013
Thomas Weber How EFIS supports the spectrum inventory 8th  Annual European Spectrum Management Conference, 25-26 June 2013 Brussels, Belgium
25-26 June 2013
Thomas Weber EFIS (ECO Frequency Information System) Presentation to ITU-R Working Party 1B Geneva, Switzerland
4-11 June 2013
Stella Lyubchenko Introduction to SEAMCAT. Example of MCA study 55th CRAF Meeting Zurich, Switzerland,
3 - 5 April 2013
Thomas Weber Activities and Principles Applied for the Internet of Things - Future Spectrum Use The 4th Annual Internet of Things Europe Conference Management Centre Europe, Brussels, 12-13 November 2012
Alexander Gulyaev ECC is Modernising its Regulatory Framework towards Enabling 4G Services Spectrum Management Forum 2012 5-7 November 2012, Munich, Germany
Bruno Espinosa Spectrum Regulation in Europe, ECC Activities Relevant for Utilities EUTC 2012 26 October 2012, Warsaw, Poland
Alexander Gulyaev CEPT/ECC FM49: ”Radio Spectrum for BB PPDR”  LEWP-RCEG (Law Enforcement Working Party - Radio Communications Expert Group) meeting Larnaca, Cyprus, 24 October 2012
Alexander Gulyaev Regulatory Update: a Major Step towards Enabling Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband World 2012 London, UK;
26 September 2012
 Stella Lyubchenko  Overview of CEPT compatibility studies between safety applications and other services EMC Europe 2012  

Rome, Italy,  17 – 21 September 2012

Mark Thomas (Director) Spectrum Harmonisation in Europe: Trends and Topics Norsk Post og Teletilsynet Frekvensforum 2012 Lillesand, Norway;  12 September 2012
Jukka Rakkolainen

Quality of Internet Access – a Broader View

Nordic-Baltic Electronic Communications Regulators’ Workshop - Network Neutrality and Consumer Protection

Vilnius, 29 August 2012
Thomas Weber Future Capabilities of the ECO Frequency Information System The 7th Annual European Spectrum Management 2012 Brussels, Belgium, 19-20 June 2012
Thomas Weber ECO Frequency Information System (EFIS) Database  

54th CRAF Meeting

Cagliari, Italy, 31 May- 1 June 2012

Thomas Weber CEPT Spectrum Management Actions Related to Automotive/Vehicular Radars 360° Surround Automotive Radar, 7-9 May 2012 Gothenborg, Sweden, 7-9 May 2012
Thomas Weber  Activities in the WG FM SRD/MG 
related to Cognitive Radio Techniques
ECC/ETSI/COST-TERRA Workshop Mainz, Germany, 2-3 May 2012
Thomas Weber 

CEPT ECC Activities on Spectrum Needs for
Wireless Medical Applications

EC Consultation Workshop 'Moving Life' mHealth in a Socio-economic Context

Brussels, Belgium, 18 January 2012
Mark Thomas (Director) International Frequency Coordination - Further Harmonisation in UHF (mobile broadband)  

Perspectives for the development of the Electronic Communications Market in the European Union

Warsaw, 20 October 2011
Alexander Gulyaev European Practicies in Trading of Spectrum Usage Rights 14th Economics of Infrastructures conference

Delft University of Technology,
the Netherlands,
26 May 2011

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