SEAMCAT - Spectrum Engineering Advanced Monte Carlo Analysis Tool

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The current official SEAMCAT version is 5.1.1, downloadable here: www.seamcat.org

SEAMCAT is a software tool, based on the Monte-Carlo simulation method, which is developed within the frame of European Conference of Postal and Telecommunication administrations (CEPT). This tool permits statistical modelling of different radio interference scenarios for performing sharing and compatibility studies between radiocommunications systems (short range devices, GSM, UMTS, LTE, etc… ) in the same or adjacent frequency bands.

Brief introduction to SEAMCAT

The ECO has launched a SEAMCAT forum where the SEAMCAT Community can share experience, new ideas of enhancement, installation troubleshooting etc… 

The software is maintained by the ECO and distributed free-of-charge. It can be downloaded here (FAQ + Practical tips). The ECO also provides the source code on demand as well as training material and session/workshops. 

For questions or to report bugs contact directly the ECO at seamcat@eco.cept.org

The last official version of the SEAMCAT Handbook (ECC Report 252 published in April 2016) is available here (51 MB pdf file) 


SEAMCAT Stakeholders

The SEAMCAT project is an ongoing WGSE (Working Group Spectrum Engineering) activity. The daily maintenance of the project and the SEAMCAT software is entrusted to the ECO. STG (SEAMCAT Technical Group) acts as the supervising committee and source of technical expertise.

There exists 2 mailing reflectors open to administrations, industry and academia with two different purposes:




  • Public SEAMCAT E-mail reflector

This email list allows to disseminate useful information within the group of SEAMCAT users (i.e. user support messages, usage tips, information on updates and questions/answers from members of the SEAMCAT community, etc..).

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  • Public STG E-mail reflector

This email list is not just for users, but people who want to develop and contribute to the insides of SEAMCAT. When you become a member of the STG Group you are automatically added to the STG email reflector. 

Open source code

Free JAVA development of the SEAMCAT source code is possible.




Practical tips

Read some extra tips


Click here to access some training material

Archived products

Click here to download previous SEAMCAT versions

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