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SEAMCAT 5.1.0: Download . jar file

SEAMCAT 5.0.1: Download . jar file

SEAMCAT 5.0.0: Download . jar file  

SEAMCAT 4.1.0: Download . msi package

SEAMCAT 4.0.1: Download . msi package

SEAMCAT 3.2.4: Download . msi package

SEAMCAT 2.1.0 (not maintained since February 2003):

Download archived ZIP

Remaining bugs in 2.1.0
SEAMCAT 2.1.0 User Manual - old version

Installation instructions for version 2.1.0: All the necessary installation files shall be extracted from the zip-archive. To start the installation procedure, run the file SETUP.EXE, then follow the instructions on screen. For a new installation, Typical type of setup is recommended.

Note: If an earlier version of SEAMCAT is already installed on your computer, the new installation may erase the existing library data. In order to prevent your library data from being erased chose Custom type of setup and select Application files only (Databases and Database engine and aliases should not be selected). Make sure that the new version of software is installed in the same destination directory as the previous one.

Example simulation scenarios for version 2.1.0: Five different examples of the simulation scenarios to be used with SEAMCAT-2 software are included. Information about using these example scenarios can be found in the readme.doc file, included with the scenarios.

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