Support to CEPT at WRC-12


The support from the Office to CEPT prior and during the WRC-12 was lead by Stella LYUBCHENKO in the framework of the Conference Preparatory Group. Søren Conradsen was responsible for the development of a revised version of the CEPT Messaging / Chat system.

Weekly Report

In collaboration with the CEPT coordinators of the Agenda Items of the WRC and the CPG Chairman, Eric Fournier (ANFR, France), the Office was developing a weekly report providing information on the progress achieved in the course of the week. Read the reports from the first, second and third weeks and final of WRC-12.


CEPT Messaging/Chat system

A messaging/chat system was used during WRC-12 in order to support the CEPT coordination process prior and during the meetings. Compared to the previous versions of the tool used at past Conferences (RRC-06, WRC-07…), a chat system was implemented following the request from CPG-12.

Facilities offered by the tool

The messaging system is designed to dispatch short messages and e-mails with attachments, sent by CEPT coordinators to their corresponding contact persons in administrations in order to keep CEPT members of the latest development with regard to the development of each of the Agenda Item of the WRC-12.

The chat system was introduced in order to allow discussion between CEPT delegates involved in different issues which can arise during a meeting.  


A calendar of meeting was introduced in order to facilitate the booking of the meeting room assigned to ECO-CEPT (Room A in CCV). This calendar was visible to “non-authorised” CEPT members who could see the time schedule of the planned meetings and the corresponding room indication. CEPT delegates could also display on this calendar the booking of other room than room A.

Some numbers...

512 CEPT delegates registered to the tool representing the 48 CEPT countries (plus representatives of the European Commission). The following countries have the higher numbers of delegates registered in the system:

1: France with 65 delegates

2: Germany with 47 delegates

3: The United Kingdom with 33 delegates

4: Spain with 26 delegates

5: Sweden with 18 delegates

38720 emails and SMS were send from the system during the course of the WRC. 33 groups of recipients were established. The groups corresponding to Agenda Item 8.2 (Agenda of the next WRC) and 1.17 (Digital Dividend) were those having the higher numbers of members (262 and 218 respectively) and being the most active (11196 and 6002 messages sent respectively).

59 meetings were displayed in the calendars with a peak of 24 meetings the second week. Up to 130 CEPT delegated were participating to CEPT meeting in Room A.

Relating to the chat room:

  • 42 chat rooms were established. Among them, 6 were dedicated to private rooms allowing exchanges between representatives of a given country.
  • Up to 55 delegates were  connected at the same time on the system allowing real-time coordination amongst CEPT members during meetings.


CCV, Room A – The CEPT meeting room, on the left, Eric Fournier (ANFR, France, CPG Chairman), Steve Bond (OFCOM, United-Kingdom, CPG Vice-Chairman), on the right Thomas Ewers (BNetzA, Germany, ECC Chairman)


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