List of finalised questionnaires

CEPT.ORG - ECC - Tools and Services - ECC Questionnaires - List of finalised questionnaires 2010-2017

Group List of finalised questionnaires Month/Year
WG NaN Caller location information from private/corporate networks in European countries April 2018
WG FM Current and Future Trends for the Fixed Services and Status of the Other Incumbent Uses in Europe in the Frequency Band 5925-6425 MHz April 2018
WG NaN E.164 numbering plan management and assignment practices in CEPT countries April 2018
WG NaN Public warning systems in CEPT countries April 2018
WG FM Need for Regulation for License-Exempt Use of Frequencies Below 9 kHz April 2018
WG FM Interference statistics 2017 March 2018
WG NaN PSAP-SIDE - statistics Sep 2017
WG FM Interference Cases Caused by WAS/RLAN Equipment in the Meteorological Radars Operating in the 5600-5650 MHz frequency range Sep 2017
WG FM Interference Statistics 2016 May 2017
WG NaN PT NP Questionnaire - National measures aimed at combatting fraud and misuse of E.164 Numbers and CLI spoofing Feb 2017
WG FM National conditions for PMSE applications in the frequency ranges included in ERC/REC 25-10 Jan 2017
WG FM Treatment of foreign maritime radio operator’s certificates Jan 2017
ECC PT1 The availability of the 3400-3800 MHz band for 5G Nov 2016
ECC PT1 Indoor coverage Nov 2016
SE 19
Revision of ECC Report 173 on current use and future trends for the fixed services in Europe Oct 2016
WG NaN Implementation Status of WG NaN-related ECC Deliverables Sep 2016
FG 700 MHz repository Survey on the use of the 700 MHz repository Sep 2016
National coordination between GSM-R and MFCN Sep 2016
ECC PT1 Use and future plans for frequency bands in relation to studies in CEPT on WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.13 Sep 2016
ECC PT1 1427-1452 MHz and 1492-1518 MHz: Timing for availability and harmonisation of these bands for MFCN June 2016
WG FM Amended ERC/ DEC/(99)01 (general and restricted maritime operator's certificates May 2016
WG FM Interference Statistics 2015 April 2016
WG FM Interference cases caused by DECT 6.0 Equipment in the 1920-1980 MHz frequency range April 2016
WG NaN Implementation Status of WG NaN-related ECC Deliverables April 2016
WG NaN Addressing transnational emergency calls in Europe April 2016
WG NaN Advanced Numbering Systems for Communications Services in the Digital single Market December 2015
WG FM Spectrum and aeronautical regulation for UAS, (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) October 2015
WG NaN Assisted Global Network Satellite System (A-GNSS) for the provision of location information for emergency calls September 2015
WG NaN Transnational emergency calls in Europe September 2015
WG NaN Charging of calls made by roaming subscribers to national freephone numbers of the their home country June 2015
WG NaN Business customer's specificities in Number Portability processes May 2015
WG NaN Assigning numbering resources directly to M2M end-users May 2015
WG NaN Information on the implementation of Number Portability in CEPT countries April 2015
WG FM Use of bands within 7-8 GHz range for PMSE applications April 2015
WG FM Cognitive radio enabled SRDs  April 2015
WG FM Interference Statistics 2014 March 2015
WG NaN Fixed Mobile Convergence March 2015
WGSE (PTSE19) FS above 50 GHz March 2015
WG NaN Assignment and use of Mobile Numbers for OTT services February 2015
WG FM To collect information about authorisations for the Iridium mobile satellite system and earth stations under control of the Iridium system in CEPT countries Dec. 2014
WG FM Contact points for verification of maritime radio operator's certificates Dec. 2014
WG NaN Combine use of IMSI and E.164 numbering resources Nov. 2014
NaN PT TRIS Questionnaire On Complaints on Internet Access Service Quality Nov. 2014
WG FM The use of bands within 7-8 GHz range for PMSE applications PMSE Nov. 2014
WG NaN Resellers of ECS and their rights and obligations Oct. 2014
NaN PT TRIS Migration from PSTN/ISDN to Next Generation Networks (NGN) Oct. 2014
WG NaN VoIP services that are provided by applications for smartphones and other mobile devices Sep. 2014
WG NaN PT NP Questionnaire on CLI use Sep. 2014
SE 19 MIMO technology for fixed services August 2014
WG NaN Shared Cost Numbers July 2014
WG NaN Permanent Roaming July 2014
WG FM Spectrum use information for the 400 MHz PMR/PAMR frequencies May 2014
ECC PT1 Information required from industry on IMT user equipment Out of Band (OOB) emission limits for the 700 MHz band April 2014
WG NaN Different conditions imposed on specific numbering ranges April 2014
WG NaN Caller ID Spoofing April 2014
WG FM WGFM Questionnaire on Interference Statistics 2013 April 2014
WG NaN Country-related M2M information March 2014
ECC PT1 Update of national information in ECO Report 03 on the licensing of ‘mobile bands’. March 2014
WG NaN Use of Number Portability data March 2014
ECC PT1 Questionnaire on enforcement of coverage obligations February 2014
WG NaN Portability of certain freephone numbers January 2014
FM 49 European availability of the 400 MHz range for broadband PPDR LTE networks January 2014
WG NaN Number Portability December 2013
WG NaN Calls to Emergency Services: Accuracy & Reliability of Caller Location Information December 2013
ECC PT1 Generation of ECO Report 03 from EFIS November 2013
WG NaN Privacy issues and mobile conference calling September 2013
WG NaN Applying the charging principles of national and international freephone numbers to roaming customers. August 2013
WG FM Questionnaire on frequency bands under consideration for Broadband Direct-Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) July 2013
WG FM Questionnaire on the 17.7-19.7 GHz Fixed Service June 2013
WG NaN Number Portability - questionnaire 2013 May 2013
CPG PTB Questionnaire on WRC-15 AI 9.1.1 May 2013
WG FM Interference statistics April 2013
WG NaN Country related M2M Update April 2013
WG FM The present usage and requirements in the UHF band for maritime on board communications March 2013
WG FM Interference into GSM-R caused by MFCN Except WG FM meeting report section 5.5 March 2013
ECC PT1 ECO Report 03 - Regular update March 2013
WG NaN PTPN Questionnaire on Number Portability November 2012
WG FM Ref Tasks Nos 4 and 5 of the Mandate to CEPT on "Mandate to CEPT on inclusion in EFIS of information on rights of use for all uses of spectrum between 400 MHz and 6 GHz" - Decision 2007/344/EC November 2012
WG NaN (Update) Collection of Country-related M2M information October 2012
ECC PT1 Questionnaire on the possible revision of ECC Decision (08)08 on the harmonised use of the GSM system on board vessels in the frequency bands 880-915/925-960 MHz and 1710-1785/1805-1880 MHz July 2012
WG FM Possible use of Short Range Devices (SRD) in the frequency band 862-863 MHz June 2012
WG FM CEPT administrations on the current and future usage of the frequency bands 870-876 MHz and 915-921 MHz June 2012
WG FM Implementation of BFWA in the frequency band 5 725-5 875 MHz according to ECC Recommendation (06)04 June 2012
WG FM Questionnaire on the regulatory procedures used by administrations in granting access to spectrum for PMSE June 2012
NaN PT FNI Information on assigned Mobile Network Codes in CEPT Countries April 2012
ECC PT1 ECO Report 03 - update of information March 2012
WG FM WGFM questionnaire on the current status of DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) in the 5 GHz frequency range March 2012
WG FM WGFM questionnaire on the current and future usage of frequency band 2300-2400 MHz March 2012
WG NaN ECO questionnaire on the Usage of 11XY number range January 2012
WG NaN ECO questionnaire to collect updated country-related M2M information January 2012
FM Maritime FG Use and administrative handling of Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's) throughout CEPT November 2011
FM 49 ECO questionnaire on the national contact point(s) from CEPT Administrations relevant to the work in WG FM Project Team FM49 on Broadband Public Protection and disaster Relief (PPDR) Spectrum Requirements. November 2011
NaN PT TRIS Questionnaire on Implementation Aspects of Accuracy of the Caller Location Information September 2011
NaN PT TRIS Questionnaire on Implementation of Specific Measures on Emergency Calling Services for the People with Disabilities September 2011
NaN PT TRIS QoS Frameworks and Practices in Case of Residential Internet Access September 2011
WG FM Protection of PMSE in UHF with WSD September 2011
WG FM Improving user information about contact points for authorisations for test and development use September 2011
WG FM Collection of information about the usage of the frequency band 169.4-169.8125 August 2011
FM 44 FS use of the 28.8365-28.9485 GHz (deadline for reply postponed to June 2011) June 2011
FM 22 Questionnaire on RF interference to aeronautical radio services April 2011
FM 46 Implementation of ERC/REC 31-04 March 2011
WG RA Narrowband or wideband PMR/PAMR/PPDR equipment March 2011
WG RA Radio Amateur Licenses March 2011
FM 44 FS use of the 28.8365-28.9485 GHz March 2011
SRD-MG To collect information on the national implementation of the ECC/DEC/(06)08 (GPR/WPR) March 2011
SRD-MG Use of 863-870 MHz March 2011
WG NNA 11x February 2011
WG NNA Current NP issues February 2011
FM PT45 Survey on the generic inventory of candidate applications for the 1452-1492 MHz band January 2011
WG NNA Mobile VoIP January 2011
ECC PT1 Mobile broadband December 2010
SE 19 Revision of ECC Report 003 on Spectrum Requirements and Technology Trends for the
fixed services in Europe post-2011
November 2010
FM 46 Use and administrative handling of Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's) throughout CEPT October 2010
FM 44 Characteristics of radiolocation service equipment operating below the passive band
1400-1427 MHz
May 2010
ECC PT1 2 GHz unpaired bands May 2010
RA-TUR Trading of Spectrum Usage Rights April 2010
WG FM Aeronautical radio interference April 2010
WG FM ECA Table ERC Report 25 April 2010
WG NNA Usage of mobile number ranges March 2010
RA PT1 Benchmarking March 2010
WG RA Radio Amateur Maintenance of the implemented information for TR 61-01 February 2010
WG FM SRD January 2010
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