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ECC Questionnaires

This web page provides access to the current questionnaires within ECC. Replies to the questionnaires are invited from those indicated in the column 'Who should reply'. The replies should be forwarded to the contact person by e-mail by the deadline indicated.

1. Current ECC Questionnaires

Start Group Description Who should reply Replies should be sent to
/ ECO contact


National coordination between GSM-R and MFCN (electronic questionnaire)

word-file (paper questionnaire)

CEPT Administrations Thomas Weber

12.05.16 WG SE
SE 19
Revision of ECC Report 173 on current use and future trends for the fixed services in Europe

Part 2 (example of filling in the Excel file)

Part 2 (Excel file to be filled in)
CEPT Administrations, Operators and Manufacturers Peter Faris 14.10.16
11.05.16 ECC PT1 Use and future plans for frequency bands in relation to studies in CEPT on WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.13 CEPT Administrations and Industry Peter Faris 01.09.16
04.02.16 WGNaN Implementation Status of WG NaN-related ECC Deliverables CEPT Administrations Freddie.McBride 30.09.16

2. Summaries of ECC Questionnaires. A list of past Questionnaires is available here.

ECO contact for ECC Questionnaires related enquiries:

Susanne Have (e-mail:, Tel: +45 33 89 63 17
Bente Pedersen (e-mail:, Tel: +45 33 89 63 11

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